Freedom of the Press Takes a Hit in Canada

Rebel News - Ezra Levant

He forgot to say “May I?”!

Canada’s leading conservative journalist, Ezra Levant, is suing Justin Trudeau’s, er, “government” for denying a “journalist license” to his news outlet, Rebel News (–which means Rebel News reporters will be denied access to government press conferences and similar events.

Rebel News will also suffer penalties under Canada’s “Income Tax Act.”

According to the government, “less than 1 percent” of Rebel News content “meets the criterion for original news content” and is “largely focused on the promotion of one particular viewpoint.”

Honk if you know of any nooze outlet to which that description won’t apply [cue in crickets chirping in silent background].

“Journalism license,” eh? Does that mean “support the government or just shut up”?

The free world ain’t so free anymore, is it?

Allowing the government to decide who’s a “journalist” and who isn’t–well, that slurping sound you hear offstage is U.S. Democrats licking their lips with envy.

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  1. There’s a reason I refer to him as our Prime Dictator. Canada has been under a dictatorship since T2 was “elected”. Most people just didn’t know it yet – and many still don’t. This sort of thing was completely predictable with him in the PMO.

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