It’s Not All Bad

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Just so you know it’s not all bad around here, and we do have blessings to be thankful for:

My wife can shuffle around the living room now and even climb up the stairs–with me behind her, in case she falls. That way we can fall together.

Our tulips have bloomed. The neighborhood squirrels’ culture must have changed. Last year they ate the tulips.

We have replaced our vacuum cleaner.

I found Patty an Easter present that’ll light her up but good. Sorry, I can’t tell you what it is–she might read this.

I think I might be able to ride my bike again soon. My knee is much improved.

These are not fantastic windfalls of good fortune, but they’ll do for us. They’ll do just fine.

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  1. That’s the way I feel when good things like this come along, I know I am blessed by the Lord and I am very thankful

  2. Sometimes it’s a good thing, that bad things happen to us. We all take too many everyday things for granted. Like walking. After I sprained my ankle when I fell into our canal, someone helped me hobble to our front door. Then, I had to crawl up 14 steps, for our apartment is on the second floor. We take for granted the breath we each take so many times each day. There is a song that says, “One day at a time dear Jesus, that’s all I’m asking of you.” During my wife’s last few days, I prayed for her, “one more breath, at a time, dear Jesus, just one more.” Everyone is just a few breaths away from death, but most of the time we never consider that.

    Tulips are probably my favorite flowers. But they never last very long after they bloom. Maybe that’s why so many appreciate their beauty, more than, if they would bloom every day of the year. Here, after three months of rain (sometimes so heavy, even Noah would have been concerned), for the last three days, the sun has been shining. We need rain, but sunshine after months of dark clouds, rain, and storms is so wonderful.

    I was reasonably sure that things would improve for you and Patty. These kinds of things happen in life, but most of the time, the sun will shine again. These problems are given in love by our Lord, who probably wants to remind us, that we need Him when the sun shines, just as much as during the dark times.


    Rain on the just and unjust will fall,
    And God with His mercy splashes us all.
    At times the sunshine will make us feel glad.
    At times the rain will not be so bad.

    It has rained and poured at times in my life.
    And thank God it wasn’t all in one night.
    Joy and peace were sprinkled like dew.
    Heartache and pain were far and few.

    The cares of this life at times got me down.
    But around every corner new joy did abound.
    It wasn’t all laughter or sorrow, I’m glad.
    There was plenty of both, so I don’t feel so bad.

    At times in my life I asked, “God, why me?”
    He said, “I’m the Good Shepherd,
    And that’s how it must be.
    My mercy and grace are sufficient for thee.”

    God sees a far through darkness and light.
    He knows what is good and He knows what is right.
    God crafted the hills, the mountains, and plains.
    How He made all, God’s Word does explain.

    God sees every tear that I cry.
    Through children and friends, He wipes them all dry.
    With kind words and love the heart heals at last.
    With compassion and peace contentment is cast.

    The love of God, so wondrous and old,
    With wisdom and mercy that cannot be told.
    With thoughts high as the heavens above,
    He looks down on us all with heavenly love.

    “I have been young, and now am old, yet have I not seen the righteous forsaken, nor his seed begging bread.” Psalms 37:25

    “The Path Life Takes” – Michael Earl Riemer

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