No Moar “‘Troo Or Fawlse'”” Qwizzes!!!!

True or False for Android

I doughnt knoiw haow This here jobb it taked So “long” to do!!!! Finely affter “awl theez yeers” we who “Are” “the” Stodent Soviet we gotted “the” Collidge to abrollish Troo-Fawlse qwizzes!!!!!

Theez hear thay Whir stopid qwizzes!!!!!!!!!! Like waht cood “be” stopider thann saying Somb thing it “is” Troo wen it izznt Troo foar Evry Boddy??? And iff yiu “szay” Somb thing “it” “Is” Fawlse thenn That is Trigguring and foar Shure a Micro Grecian!!!!

Frinstints!! Hear is A Stopid Troo Oar Fawlse qwesschin!! “”Jumboe Shrimps thay Are “not” reely Ellerfints”!”! It is Racist!! And waht abuot Shrimps that “are” Trans-Isshinning into Ellerfints?? To Say Somb thing it “is” Troo oar Fawlse it “is” ownly a fourm “Of” Wite Stuprembassy!!!!

The Trooth is “that” Nothhing is Troo and notthing is Fawlse unlest yiu “say” it “is”!”!” Thare is no sutch Thing as fackeds and that Is A Facked!!!!! And waht abuote stuph That is “Troo” ownly wen it is Fawlse???? Haha i reely gotted yiu “thare”!! Yiu cannt anster That One caan yiu????

This hear it “is” waht Us Interllecturals we Do besst!!!!!!

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