Florida Rejects 41% of New Math Textbooks

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Almost half the math textbooks submitted to the Florida Dept. of Education this year have been rejected (https://justthenews.com/nation/states/center-square/florida-rejects-41-submitted-math-books-over-crt-other-issues). Why?

Because–you could probably have guessed this–what are supposed to be math textbooks also contain illegal (in Florida) dollops of Critical Race Theory, Common Core, and Social Emotional Learning (SEL), whatever that is. SEL for them means SOL for us taxpayers. Under Florida’s standards, none of that stuff is allowed.

Math books for grades K-5 were the worst of the lot: 71% of those had to be rejected.

“White Supremacist Johnny has 9 marbles which he got from poor Black children by cheating them. If he steals 2 more from Shawondah, how many marbles will America’s systemic racism credit him with having?”

Hot dog. They call it “education.”

Oh. They’re also larding the math books with “race essentialism.” Translation: “Race is everything.”

Yeah, folks, keep on sending your children to public schools and colleges. You’ll deserve the Useful Idiots you get.

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  1. Yes, and even 15 years ago when I was helping one of my grandsons with “math”, I discovered that the book was loaded with this junk. I took the book to the school and protested its use, but the teacher sheepishly said, she had no choice but to use the book she was issued. Thereafter, I did his math teaching at home.

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