NY Times: ‘Give Up God’

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The Times’ new God?

Damn! Time to do some more ridiculizing.

We can always count on our abjectly awful nooze media to come up with something low and base, even for them, on any of our major religious holidays. This past Easter was no exception. (Note to our Jewish brethren: yes, they insulted you, too.)

In a catchy little number entitled “In This Time of War, I Propose We Give Up God” (https://pluralist.com/new-york-times-op-ed-goes-there-during-holy-week-proposes-we-give-up-god-opinion/), the Times trots out the usual cliches to prove that God’s a meanie and we shouldn’t worship Him anymore.

Hmm… Let’s see… give up God. And also give up forgiveness of sins, redemption, ultimate justice, and eternal life. Oh, wait–we can get eternal life eventually, transhumanists are working on it. With Science! Somehow that makes me think of desperate people, horribly old, desperately seeking death but unable to find it.

And with God gone, who will be our ultimate authority? The state? Its leaders? [time out for hysterical laughter] Ultimate authority–Biden? You gotta be kiddin’. Putin? Hsi Jin Ping? Foo Joo sticks? Where do we go for truth–college? [laughing uncontrollably now, better break out the net]

Hey, if you sock puppets at the Times really want to take a pass on God, He is well able to return the favor.

Don’t come running to God when you can’t stand looking at the mirror anymore.

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  1. When I first heard about this story, l looked into the author, Shalom Auslander. He was raised in a strict Jewish household but has since left the faith (obviously). But he’s not a typical atheist. He still believes in God and hates him. Digging around some more and I learned that he and his father did not have a good relationship. He would get drunk on the weekends and verbally and physically abuse him and his brother.

    I would purpose that his issues with God have more to do with his father than with God. After all, how can he relate to a loving heavenly father when his own earthy father never showed love? In fact, there was a psychologist who theorized that our relationships with our fathers shapes our view of God. With exception, many atheists have fathers that were either absent, abusive, or weak. That appears to be true for Shalom Auslander.

  2. “ … who will be our ultimate authority?“

    This is the ultimate question, really in everything. Much of the science we rely on in our everyday life traces right back to Newton, Faraday and other scientists who believed in a Creator. In all matters, ALL matters, the question comes down to finding an ultimate point of authority. Lose that, and you lose everything.

  3. The NY Times is a sorry organization for publishing that piece on Good Friday. But Shalom? He needs our prayers to go up to the Throne of Grace, that God may touch him and reach him and give him the shalom of God deep in his heart. I’ve seen so many young people walk away from God and much of it can be triggered because of a bad relationship with their earthly fathers.

    1. Oh, some kid in my high school geography class coined the word, applying it to me. I don’t think he worked for Spell Check.

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