Crooked Principal ‘Punished’: He’ll Get $1.8 Million

PRINCIPAL Khurshid Abdul-Mutakabbir on the RIGHT HOLDING #1 FINGER UP.

“Public education been very, very good to me!”

Are you ready for another public schooling outrage? Well, ready or not, here it comes!

A high school principal in Queens, NY, who achieved a 99% graduation rate by setting up fake classes with no one in them, giving students fake grades, encouraging teachers–and students–to cheat… letting failing and problem students graduate early with meaningless diplomas, just to get them out of there…

Has been shifted to a desk job where he will continue to collect his $187,043 salary for seven years, plus benefits (another $78,558), raises negotiated by the teachers’ union, vacation time, the whole package totalling some $1.8 million (–

Whoa! Does this sound like any kind of “punishment” to you?

Oh. And they’re also investigating a cheating scheme by several teachers at that school.

I was going to say this walking lump of sleaze has robbed children of their education; but that’s assuming they actually got an education at this school. But fraud is fraud, cheating is cheating–and boy howdy, does crime ever pay! If you’re in the education business, at least.

Do you have a nice, juicy pension to look forward to? What–you don’t? You probably aren’t an “educator.”

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  1. I think most of us could come up with a more suitable “punishment”, don’t you think?

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