Maik Themb Paye Us foar Gointo Collidge!!!!!

Should college students get paid? |

Sumbtymes “we” Are So Smart heer “at” Collidge, it is Scairy!!!!!

Tooday the Stodint Soviet we figgered Out collidge It Is Awl Backwerds!!! We shoodint be paiying Tooission,, thay shood “Be” paiying us To “Go” “to” Collidge!!!!! Themb damp sellfish Tacks Paiyers thay shood Be “payiing” us!!!!

Aftral all,: whoo is goingto “be” The leeders And thinckers of Tomarrow?? Us!!! We Are!!! No wun elsse thay arint Smart enuoughh!!!!!! We “Are” awlreddy Running oure collidges@ shorely we Can “run” thiss heer Couountry!!!!!!!!!

So wye has we Got “to” paiy Themb wen thay shood “be” Paiying Us??? We are becumming Introlecturals!! Yiu wood Thinck thay wood unner-Stand that we are a Infestmint!!!!! W”e” are The Fewtchure of Amairicka!!!!!! Sumb-Day “we” whill be Maiking awl “the” Descissions!!!!!! Yiu are Sappozed to Pay Us!!!!!!! And aslo we “are” sappozed to Get Ritch lyke Haunter Bydin!!!

Boy whil we straitin Out “thiss” heer cuwntry wen We Are “In” Charj!@!!! Ghet reddy foar sumb Biggtime Hoap And Chains!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. Isn’t that what the loan forgiveness program is doing, essentially? — i.e., paying students to go to college?

    An “infestment,” huh? More like an infestation. 😏

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