Going Postal?


Oops! Another mail truck bites the dust.

I’m having a hard time getting untracked today, so please bear with me.

I went to the post office this morning to buy a padded mailer so I could send Ina her prizes. There weren’t any mailers on the rack, so I asked if they had any in the back.

“What you see is what we’ve got,” said the clerk.

“But I don’t see anything!”

“We’re waiting for supplies.”

Yeah! Mail-in voting! Never again worry that we might somehow have an honest national election! Just leave lit to the Postal Service!

Oh… My friend Susan noticed that her mail carrier was desperately hot and sweaty. “Isn’t your truck air conditioned?” she asked.

He told her the tale. They were all set to air-condition their vehicles when Joe Biden got… um, “elected.” Air conditioning canceled! Instead, they’ll wait until the entire postal fleet is replaced by Electric Vehicles–’cause ‘lectric cars get their ‘lectricity out of thin air and don’t use any fossil fuels! And they Save The Planet! Everybody knows that!

Waiting for supplies… I wonder if they might develop a cargo cult.

A World of ‘Empty Suits’ (Rushdoony)

Empty suit Stock Photos - Page 1 : Masterfile

Yes, we do get disappointed, yes, it’s hard to take… when we need a solid Christian stand from our leaders–from our clergy, at least. if no one else–and all we get is dodgeball. R.J. Rushdoony in 1995 took aim at “Empty Suits.”


Where do these craven, chicken-hearted, fumfering leaders come from? They come from us. Even if elections are rigged in favor of the empty suits, the lucky empty winners are still born and raised and educated by us. No enemy country imposed them on us. They didn’t drop out of the sky.

If we don’t seek God, neither will our leaders.

Washington Schools: All ‘Race,’ All the Time

Ireland's first-ever dinosaurs discovered - BBC Science Focus Magazine

Dinosaurs achieved extinction without resorting to Critical Race Theory.

We are governed by some of the stupidest and most evil people on earth. Especially along our Pacific coast.

The governor of Washington has signed into “law” (LOL) a bill Mandating–everything is mandated, these days–training in “Critical Race Theory” for all public school teachers, grades K-12 (https://www.ntd.com/washington-governor-signs-bill-mandating-critical-race-training-in-public-schools_610411.html). It’s for “dismantling institutional racism,” say the same dirtballs who run those institutions and who therefore must be the biggest racists around, but somehow they get around that charge and it’s stapled across the backs of the rest of us. So the teachers are to be “trained” to see and teach everything in terms of “racial struggle.” All race, all the time. The supremely relevant aspect of any human being’s existence is the color of his skin. Everything else is secondary.

This “theory”–and it’s not any kind of theory, but only neo-Marxist crapola–teaches children to hate and fear each other, hate themselves, hate their country, hate their family, and hate their God. It teaches that all white persons are born guilty of “systemic racism” and everything’s their fault, blah-blah-blah. It would take a mighty effort indeed to come up with a program more self-destructive than this.

But of course the white liberals running the state of Washington don’t care what harm they do. To them it’s just more virtue signalling, and it makes them feel really good about themselves.

I do find it hard to believe that the people of Washington are base enough to deserve this.

‘Boston Fines Woman, 76, $200 for Not Shoveling Snow’ (2017)

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Ain’t government grand? They won’t protect us from criminals, but Heaven help you if you don’t shovel off your sidewalk.

Boston Fines Woman, 76, $200 for not Shoveling Snow

The facts that this woman was 76, on a fixed income, and the snow froze into ice before she could finish the job, counted for just plain nothing: the almighty city government was going to throw the book at her.

The people we allow to rule us–!

‘The Humanist Messiah’ (2017)

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They call themselves humanists, but they want to get rid of the human race and replace it with something better: something created by themselves.

The Humanist Messiah

Artificial Intelligence! Homo sapiens 2.0! This time it’ll be perfect! We’ll have a perfect utopian world with free stuff for all and philosopher-kings to manage it for us!

Lord Jesus defend us.

‘A Cultural Disaster, a Hymn, and a Prayer

(Somehow the hymn that originally went with this post got taken away. Let the readers decide what hymn ought to be posted here. The first suggestion I receive is the one I’ll use.)

(Suggested by Phoebe: In the Name of Jesus We Have the Victory)

This post was written when Bernie Sanders was still in the Senate, indulging in a public orgy of Christ-hating.

It appalls me that this could happen here in America.

A Cultural Disaster, a Hymn, and a Prayer

This deterioration of our nation’s culture was accomplished during my own lifetime, right before my eyes–and yet I can’t explain how they did it. All I know is that a lot of very bad, and a lot of very badly deluded, people worked very hard at it for a long time. Imagine if they’d turned their hands to some decent purpose.

But then they wouldn’t be leftids.