‘Your Car Is Watching You’ (2019)

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Democrats and other Far Left crazies are just dying to impose a China-style “social credit” system on us. And part of that will be our cars (if we’re still allowed to have cars) spying on us for Big Brother.

Your Car is Watching You

All sorts of information about us is collected by computers in our cars and pumped back to the dealer. And where it goes from there, nobody knows.

Libs want government to have the power to reward behavior that it wants to reward and to “dis-incentivize” behavior that it wants to discourage. Imagine giving that much power to Pelosi & Co.

O God, deliver us out of their hands.

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  1. We already have the beginnings of a social credit system – it is called our credit score done by three separate corporations. We are on our way to the China model if Christian patriots don’t get active in civil gov’t.

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