Yes, They’re Crazy

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Our current Biden-era inflation really hurts! It’s eroding the value of our money–sort of like getting a pay cut every week.

But not to worry! Senator Chuck Schumer (D-Monster Island) has a plan. And it’s simplicity itself (

*The government should keep on spending like there’s no tomorrow.

*Raise everybody’s taxes.

*Repeal the Trump-era tax cuts.

Acting as a spokesman for the New York nitwit, a lunatic in a straitjacket said “Of course it’ll work! Inflation will stop when no one can afford to buy anything!

“Imagine the thrill,” he added, “of in effect working for nothing. Just like a slave! The government can see to your room and board, just like slaves were seen to by their owners. Whoever thought up this should get a medal–and Chuck should be president!”

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  1. Yes, they are crazy. But the real lunatics are the people that vote for these insane people.

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