Globalist Bigwig on ‘Useless People’

Lord, if you’re thinking about intervening in world history and ruling “All right, that’s enough, this stops now”… well, now might be a very good time to do it.

Here’s Yuval Harari, one of the top dogs in the World Economic Forum, globalist fat-head par excellence, discoursing on the problem of “what to do with so many useless people.” He also calls them “worthless.” His solution is to keep them pacified with “drugs and computer games.”

And the next big breakthrough, he predicts, will be eternal life right here in this world–that is, eternal life for the globalist fat-cats who can afford it. “The poor will continue to die,” he says, but the rich will gain “exemption from death.” Just grow an artificial body in a culture vat and download the mind into a computer and voila! Another 300 years of George Soros.

Is it even remotely possible that these globalist visions do not come straight from Hell, where they’re brewed up by devils? I mean, just listen to this stuff! Can you smell the brimstone?

Can you imagine how desperate these wicked fools will be after several centuries of listening to each other? They’ll seek death… and not find it.

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