Noozie: We Don’t Need Free Speech

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God help us.

You’d think members of the media would take the lead in making sure our First Amendment remains alive and well. Boy, would you be wrong.

A columnist for Time Magazine–that’s the one that looks like a supermarket insert–is the latest Big Media non-entity to beat the drum against free speech (

Free speech, sez Charlotte Alter, is a “white man’s obsession.” Very much a man thing. Women don’t care about it. Non-whites don’t need it. You’re all racists.

Is it necessary to point out that Ms. Zero is, of course, a white liberal? I wonder if she’ll ever outgrow college. A lot of them don’t.

She cites a bunch of gurus and sages, “authorities”–that is, other media stooges and academics, like we should listen to them–who agree with her that speech that they don’t like should be suppressed. Censored. Canceled. And if the government won’t do it, Big Tech and woke corporations will gladly do the dirty work. She doesn’t think the First Amendment protects us from having our rights taken away by corporations.

Free speech–it’s a man thing. A white man thing.

And noozies wonder why they’re so despised by normal people.

4 comments on “Noozie: We Don’t Need Free Speech

  1. These people take the cake every time and on every subject. Talk about an alternate universe. If White Supremacy is such a huge threat, why no stories about white supremacists and their destructive deeds? It is all manufactured propaganda to bounce around inside their insulated bubble.

  2. She is wrong on every count. Women do care about free speech. and all her other conjectures – wrong.

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