Portland Schools: ‘Period Products’ for Boys

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For boys, too! Courtesy of the Oregon taxpayer

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You’d think we’d be ashamed of being governed by nut-jobs like these. Have they abolished shame in Oregon? Have they outlawed self-respect?

Led by the Portland Public Schools (PPS) district, “educators” in Portland, Oregon–which Joe Biden, who is definitely not all there, called a model city–are rushing to implement the Menstrual Dignity Act (LOL)… by equipping (for starters) 500 school lavatories, all grade levels, with “period products.” Yes: boys’ bathrooms, too (https://thepostmillennial.com/portland-schools-to-offer-period-products-instructions-on-their-usage-in-both-girls-and-boys-restrooms).

Ya see, this is how they set up “The Four Pillars of menstruation dignity”… which are “privacy, inclusion [?], access, and ‘education’.” With a hey-na-nonny and a ha-cha-cha.

I guess “inclusion” means boys and men can have periods, too. They can’t, but this is public education and facts must remain outside.

Dignity! Where is the dignity in pretending boys have periods? Babbling inane lies is not dignified.

And then there’s the question of frivolously wasting tax money that people had to work for. What are boys supposed to do with “period products”? I’ll tell you what they will do: make bawdy jokes about them and throw them at each other. Your tax dollars at work.

Did the people of Oregon actually elect the nothing-burgers responsible for this? If they did–if the elections weren’t stolen or contrived–well, then, they deserve this.

But their children didn’t have a vote, and they don’t deserve it. Educated by fools and wackos. Hot dog.

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  1. Wow it gets nuttier and more disgusting by the day. When I was young, this whole subject was rarely discussed even just among girls. We would have collapsed with embarrassment. What next? No, forget I asked, I don’t think I could handle it.

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