Dems to Revive Failed Abortion Bill

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Remember when there was only one of him?

Sen. Upchuck Schumer (D-Bedlam) wants to have another vote on the “Women’s Health Protection Act”–euphemism for “Abortion ’em all!”–which failed in the Senate some two months ago (

Get a load of all the schiff they had to take out of the bill before they could make it ready for another vote:

White supremacy, transgenderism, gender oppression, “pregnant people” including men, “enslavement” (do they mean “slavery”? So hard to tell with these people)… and rape, of course: restricting abortion will cause more rapes…

Were they surprised when this bill failed?

I ask again: are these people as crazy as they sound?

5 comments on “Dems to Revive Failed Abortion Bill

  1. This is what car salesmen do to overcome sticker shock — start with something outrageous, then gradually ease up until the customer is (a) benumbed to the pitch and (b) relieved that it’s not as horrendous as the previous version.

  2. Their minds are darkened, and they no longer see clearly – if they ever did. Their thirst for power has them thinking like their father. (you know who I mean)

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