‘Fracturing Fairy Tales’ (2018)

Little Red Riding Hood - Wikipedia

Little Red Riding Hood–forbidden! Depicts carnivorous animals as being predators!

Among the more depressing findings of various frivolous “studies” in recent years, we have a report of parents changing fairy tales to make them more P.C.

Fracturing Fairy Tales

Don’t ask who paid for this study. It involved 2,000 parents reading fairy tales to their children. About a quarter of them changed the stories as they read them. Betcha every single one of those went to college. College makes you stupid. You start taking fairy tales literally.

But why not? What else do we get from our government, or nooze media, or our “educators”… but fairy tales? Can you say “Man-made Climate Change”?


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  1. People seem to have forgotten that fiction is fiction. Even as a small child, I knew that fairly tales weren’t real. The current thinking of the Far Left is insulting.

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