Let’s Help SlimJim (His Post on the Trinity)

We ran this post by our dear friend and colleague, “SlimJim,” back in October. Today he plans to post it on the social media–and I say let’s help him. Because he is sharing an “amazing truth that God will be sent to us.”

Fascinating: Messianic Prophecy and Trinity in Isaiah 48:12-16

We can help by picking up his post and sharing it with others. Hey, it’s a Bible study lesson, and today is Sunday–the subject and the day are perfect together.

This is the Good News that we are commissioned to proclaim.

6 comments on “Let’s Help SlimJim (His Post on the Trinity)

    1. It used to be I’d get over 50 views for any post of yours that I reblogged. We’re only talking 2021 here, or 2020. I don’t know what’s wrong with my blog this year.

    2. I think I am getting less views on my blog when I share links on social media too. I don’t know what is going on

    3. Doesn’t seem to matter whether I link to another blog or just plow forward on my own–viewer numbers are in the tank.
      I wonder how “thechristiantechnerd” is doing. I’d be interested to hear from her.

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