‘Fracturing Fairy Tales’ (2018)

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Little Red Riding Hood–forbidden! Depicts carnivorous animals as being predators!

Among the more depressing findings of various frivolous “studies” in recent years, we have a report of parents changing fairy tales to make them more P.C.

Fracturing Fairy Tales

Don’t ask who paid for this study. It involved 2,000 parents reading fairy tales to their children. About a quarter of them changed the stories as they read them. Betcha every single one of those went to college. College makes you stupid. You start taking fairy tales literally.

But why not? What else do we get from our government, or nooze media, or our “educators”… but fairy tales? Can you say “Man-made Climate Change”?


Fracturing Fairy Tales

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(Thanks to Susan for the news tip)

According to a recent “study” of parents who read traditional fairy tales to their children–don’t ask me why this was studied, or who paid for it–at least one in four change the story as they read it (http://fox8.com/2018/05/15/outdated-and-offensive-poll-names-top-20-fairy-tales-parents-change-while-reading-to-kids/).

Two thousand parents took part in the study, which found that a quarter of them changed the stories to make them more politically correct and less “offensive.” “Little Red Riding Hood” and “The Gingerbread Man” were altered or banned for too much “violence.” And 36% of the parents disapproved of the way the Pied Piper “tricked” the children into following him…

Good grief! How utterly dense can you get? I mean, how can you be so dumb as to miss the point of a freakin’ fairy tale? Dudes, the Pied Piper isn’t offered as a role model! For those of you who still haven’t figured it out, the story is a lesson in not being so quick to make agreements that you wind up regretting, and then trying to weasel out of them, which only makes the matter so much worse, etc.

Kids have been told fairy tales for hundreds of years. Now all of a sudden the tales are harmful to them?

Sounds to me like too many of those parents went to college and picked up some really goofy habits of thought.