MSNBC Caught in the Cookie Jar

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See Real Combat Footage of “Russian aircraft getting nailed” by Ukrainian air defense! Analyzed by 4-star General (Retired) Barry McCaffrey! See it now on MSNBC!

Only it turns out that the combat footage is a clip from a video game called ARMA 3 (, and Gen. McCaffrey has either been well and truly hosed or is himself a mountebank.

“Experience true combat gameplay in a massive military sandbox!” That’s the sales pitch.

It’s always been very, very hard to get accurate, reliable news of faraway wars. It seems that MSNBC isn’t even trying: they’ll settle for clips from a video game. And call it “news.”

I guess it’s safe that way. You can’t get shot by a video game.

And you can’t get “informed” by MSNBC.

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  1. The Russia – Ukraine War is becoming a Wag the Dog affair – so much fake news and propaganda. Instead of pressuring both sides to sit down and come to a peace agreement. our American leaders are hot to trot to go to war with Putin and take him out – this is insane! The bigger they make NATO the less sovereignty the U.S. has. We should not only get out of NATO but also the United Nations. Where is Trump when we need him? – oh yeah, we re-elected him but the Democrat cheats & MSM & Tech Billionaires stole it from us.

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