So We Should All Cheat?

The politics of, by and for rent-seekers - Telegraph India

Boss Tweed had nothing on this bunch today.

Someone–I forget whom, I read a lot–has said Donald Trump is making a serious mistake in pitching his candidacy to the voters instead of setting up his own operations for ballot harvesting and ballot curing. As long as Democrats cheat and Republicans don’t, the commentator said, the GOP will never win another national election.

I hadn’t even heard of “ballot curing” until just a few days ago. It’s not allowed in 26 of 50 states. (They give you a few days to “cure” or correct minor defects on your ballot, such as mismatched signatures… like suddenly you had a totally different handwriting.)

So we have to cheat to beat the cheaters? Well, obviously we can’t just sit there and let Democrats devour the country and destroy it. If we can’t stop the cheating, then what’s there to do but out-cheat the cheaters?

But boy, oh, boy–where does that leave us? Now there’s not even a hope of an honest or fair election. The Roman Republic reached this point and wound up with the Caesars. The legislature was broken. Their elections were street fights. Every cheap little political thug wanted to be the big boss.

I can’t say the commentator was wrong; but if he wasn’t, then that’s a really fine state of affairs, isn’t it? Shame on us for letting it go that far. But we were busy living our ordinary lives while the reprobates in power plotted to get more by any means, fair or foul. Mostly foul.

Stand up for us, O God: and give us what we need to stand up for you. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Canada’s Government’s Just As Bad As Ours

Did Prime Minister Justin “WEF Puppet” Trudeau interfere with an ongoing police investigation? A murder investigation, no less–worst mass murder in Nova Scotia’s history. And did the Trudeau government jeopardize the investigation by leaking details best kept secret–for short-term political gain?

Do any of the days of the week end with the letter “Y”?

Some members of Parliament are calling on WEF Puppet to resign. Don’t hold your breath waiting for that to happen. Somehow, wherever in the world you look, Far Left crooks and tyrants never seem to pay the price.

And the fallen world keeps falling…

Pray harder.

Clueless Democrat: Her Slip Is Showing

Is New York locked with California in a battle to see which state can generate the worst government?

Here’s New York Gov. Kathy Hochul, debating the Republican candidate, Rep. Lee Zelden. Zelden keeps trying to discuss New York’s soaring crime rate, eminently attributable to the Democrats’ “bail reform” policy that keeps violent criminals out of jail and allows them to continue to prey on people.

And what does Gov. Hokum have to say about it?

“I don’t know why that’s so important to you.”

Egad, the woman’s off her rocker. Why should getting knifed or clubbed or pushed onto the tracks while you’re waiting for a subway seem important to anyone? Hokum could easily fire any district attorney who refuses to prosecute criminals–but she doesn’t. Assault and injure someone on the sidewalk, and 15 minutes later they turn you loose again.

Insane public policy. And that’s what Democrats have to offer.

It’d be nice if Hokum encountered one of those subway crimes she just laughs off.

‘Liberalism: Dangerously Silly’ (2018)

President Joe Biden poses for a photo with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Pray the election wipes the smiles off their faces.

Imaginary solutions to imaginary problems–that’s liberalism in a nutshell.

Liberalism: Dangerously Silly

In a couple of weeks Americans will have a chance to root a lot of silly and wicked people out of Congress. We are running out of chances to do this.

They’re betting “vote-by-mail” can pull them through, when no one in his right mind would ever vote for any of their public policies. They will cheat again. They worship power, crave it, live for it, and will do anything, absolutely anything, to get it and keep it.

We can stop them. We can vote them out. And we have to, if we want our nation to survive as anything more than just a name on a map.

‘Why Do Leftids Claim to Be Christians?’ (2017)

President Joe Biden, center, U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris, left, and U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, a Democrat from California, wear...

They’re not fooling us.

The way things are going, they’ll eventually cast aside all pretense and be out-and-out antichrists. (Ya mean they aren’t already? Could’ve fooled me!) But for the time being it still suits Democrats to make believe they’re Christians.

Why Do Leftids Claim to be Christians?

Of course, it doesn’t help that the Pope himself aids and abets such reprobates as Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden, two politicians who couldn’t be more anti-Christ if their names were Marx and Lenin.

And none of this would have happened if the Church remembered it was a Church and not a social club for virtue-signallers.


Biden Polls Hit New Low

What Does It Mean To Dream About Driving Off A Cliff?

Wow! Kowabunga! 29 percent approval! (

That’s SloJo Biden in the latest CIVIQS poll–29%. He’s just a little more popular than COVID.

The day before he resigned as president, Richard Nixon’s approval rating was 24%. Joe has room for disimprovement.

Most of the other polls show him still “up there” (comparatively speaking!) in the 30s. Meanwhile, a whole bunch of polls show 85% or more of everybody thinking the USA, thanks to Biden, is way out on the wrong track.

We do wonder how many people actually voted for this patzer.

P,S.–In several states his approval is in… “the teens”! Maybe he’s actually less popular than COVID.

Daown Whith ‘The’ Soupream Cort!!!

62,277 U.S. Supreme Court Photos and Premium High Res Pictures - Getty  Images

Well we has awl hadded It “whith” “the” Soupream Cort!!!!! Whoo do thay thingk thay “are?”!”?

Frist thay woont Let yiu has a bortion!!!! Increbbidle!! and I whanted a bortion, tooo!!! Whye elsse Do yiu thingk i get Shot Up whith awl themb Moth hoarmoans??? Then thay sayed yiu Can “send” yore kidds To Religgin Schoool!!!! Like thats Not aginst The Law??? And thay letted somb stopid Coatch prey on “the” Futt-ball feeled!!!!!

Sints wenn Do we eevin Has a Soupream Cort?? It wuzznt thare twoo yeres Ago!!!

And it bettor Not be thare to-marrow oar we whil awl “Be” goodd And “mad” and then whach Out!!!!!!!!!!

Keeth Obermint he is a Fizzycist he Is into Sciints and “he” says it “is” tyme To Abbollix the Soupream Cort “and” aslo Get Ridd Of It!!!! Pressadint Jobydin he shood jist “Locke The Doars” of the Soupream Cort bill-ding and Not lett ennyboddy in no moar!!! That wood “Taik Cair” of it!!!! Keeth he aslo cuvvers Spores on Yiutoob so he pritty mutch Knows “evry-Thing”!”!”

I doughnt Know ware themb Jujjes on the Soupream Cort caim fromb butt thay bettor go “Back” thare “In” a Hurrie!!!!! We was So mutch batter Offf wen we diddnt Has no Soupream Cort at awl!!!!

Quip of the Week by Senator Kennedy

Out-of-control gas prices–caused on purpose by SloJo and his gang, when they shut down the Keystone Pipeline–are driving inflation and ravaging American families.

How bad is it?

Senator John Kennedy, Louisiana Republican, said it’s this bad:

With gas prices this high, he said, “it’d be cheaper to buy cocaine and just run everywhere.”

Meanwhile, remember–they’re doing it on purpose.

And America is finished if they cheat their way past the midterms.

MSNBC Caught in the Cookie Jar

Wallpapers ID:531586

See Real Combat Footage of “Russian aircraft getting nailed” by Ukrainian air defense! Analyzed by 4-star General (Retired) Barry McCaffrey! See it now on MSNBC!

Only it turns out that the combat footage is a clip from a video game called ARMA 3 (, and Gen. McCaffrey has either been well and truly hosed or is himself a mountebank.

“Experience true combat gameplay in a massive military sandbox!” That’s the sales pitch.

It’s always been very, very hard to get accurate, reliable news of faraway wars. It seems that MSNBC isn’t even trying: they’ll settle for clips from a video game. And call it “news.”

I guess it’s safe that way. You can’t get shot by a video game.

And you can’t get “informed” by MSNBC.

‘Canadian Government Website Tries to Freak Out Children’ (2017)

Sir Winston Churchill - Curtis Brown

In the midst of World War II, Winston Churchill said he dreaded the war lasting too long, lest the government grow addicted to “emergency measures” that let them do anything they want.

Sound familiar?

Canadian Government Website Tries to Freak Out Children

Terrifying little children with Climbit Chains fairy tales is the least of their offenses.

You’ll find a rather lively discussion attached to this post. Once again we find leftids and global government wackos scarfing up our freedoms, not letting a good crisis go to waste, eating our republic and spitting out dictatorship.

They need to be stopped.

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