Good News! No More ‘Ministry of Truth’

Biden 'disinfo' czar Nina Jankowicz ripped over TikTok

Strike three, yer out!

After only three weeks, The Regime’s “Disinformation Governance Board”–better known as the Orwellian “Ministry of Truth”–is being, er, “paused” by the government ( And the Far Left Crazy dindle who headed it, Nina Jankowicz, has resigned.

Calloo, callay, O frabjous day!

Jankowicz blamed the debacle on “mischaracterizations of the board [which] became a distraction to the Department’s [Homeland Security, the DHS] vital work…”

Oh? What vital work was that?

Censoring all opposition and criticism!

Democrats in the House of Representatives a few days ago rejected a Republican bill to get rid of the board, but the damage was already done. Just after that, Jankowicz proposed having “reliable” operatives edit and change other people’s comments in the social media: to put words into their mouths. Public opinion erupted against it.

So as usual the wackos went too far, and now the “vital work” is to be indefinitely “paused,” let’s hope forever. Maybe if the Dems can cheat their way to another astonishing electoral victory, this year in the midterms, they can bring it back. Otherwise, it’s dead.

No one’s freedom will be safe until the Democrat Party ceases to be a factor in American politics.

12 comments on “Good News! No More ‘Ministry of Truth’

  1. Don’t celebrate too soon. They’ve just put it “on pause,” not cancelled it completely. They may bring it back under a slightly different name and with a less spectacularly goofy representative. They never give up. And we shouldn’t either.

    Sorry I haven’t been around much today. My three errands unexpectedly turned into five, and I don’t have time to comment much. I may not be around much tomorrow, either, since I have a funeral and then a bereavement lunch afterward. I’m beginning to wonder whether I’ll ever catch up.

    1. True, we mustn’t count our chickens just yet: but certainly some rejoicing is in order. No matter how you slice it, this was a stinging defeat for the villains. And we need to work hard to make it permanent.

  2. Taking care of voter fraud will go a long long way. Until that happens this evil program (it’s paused for now-thank you Lord) will never go away.

  3. After my initial comment, it occurred to me that the “Board” (aka Ministry of Truth) may not come back as a “board” or an agency at all. The Deep State may have learned not to go public, and will just slip some monitoring and censorship duties into selected people’s job descriptions. They’ve done similar things in other agencies, i.e., no visible separate office for people to notice and fight back against, just the routine functioning of deep state agencies that no one can pin down or do anything about. Be vigilant. Be ready to spot and fight back against regulations that have no name.

    1. Congress needs to keep closer watch on how the money is spent: every dollar must be accounted for.
      And then the villains will still find ways to cheat.

  4. I truly think the left gave up from people mocking them; this should reveal our strategy we pursue in reacting to their craziness

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