‘Disinformation Governance Board’ Finally Scuttled


Sayonara, Ministry of Truth!

Months after the Dept. of Homeland Security “paused” it, the new Disinformation Governance Bureau (aka “Ministry of Truth”) has been terminated (https://www.ntd.com/dhs-terminates-disinformation-governance-board-months-after-pause_830294.html).

Hmm… now why did they get rid of it?

I’m just guessing, mind you: but Senate Republicans have demanded “all relevant documents” pertaining to the Ministry of Truth… and rather than turn them over for examination, Democrats deep-sixed the potential source of acute embarrassment.

Historical note: When Scipio Africanus and his family were accused of and tried for assorted mischief in their government of Syria, Scipio angrily tore up all the records in front of the Senate. This led to his lifelong banishment from Rome.

Can’t investigate what’s been put through the shredder!

Has The Regime given up on censoring its critics, silencing them, shutting down dissent? Well, they didn’t really need the Disinformation Board to do that, did they? And they know that now.

Beware. They’re going to learn to be sneakier.

Oh, Boy! A Computerized Court System!

Robot judge Stock Photos, Royalty Free Robot judge Images | Depositphotos

Red China’s working on a project that’ll have Western leftids salivating with envy–a court system run by “Artificial Intelligence”… by machines instead of people (https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11010077/Chinese-courts-allow-AI-make-rulings-charge-people-carry-punishments.html), the Daily Mail reports.

Computers will correct “perceived human error” (an acquittal, for instance), and judges will have to consult the machines “on every case.” The robots will have the power to sell off a defendant’s property, and an “AI prosecutor” will have the power to charge someone with a crime (if the police can’t think of one, offhand).

It’ll be great because computers are never wrong and never change their minds… because they don’t actually have minds.

Boy howdy, you’d better keep your Social Credit numbers up–or some algorithm somewhere will pack you off to a camp in Turkestan and donate your organs to a deserving Party member. Don’t get caught saying anything that the Party doesn’t want to hear!

This is the kind of technology Democrats will need when they have another try at setting up a Disinformation Governance Board. Why settle for any half-baked tyranny when you can go whole hog?

‘Argentina’s Secretary of Thought’ (2014)


Just makin’ sure your mind is right…

I wonder how this caper turned out. I can’t find any newer information than what I had eight years ago.

To give the full title, “Secretary of Strategic Coordination of National Thought”–uh, does that sound just a little bit crazy to you? Sort of like “Disinformation Governance Board”…

Argentina’s Secretary of Thought (ROFL)

Anyway, it was pretty lively times in Argentina back then, and I guess the Secretary of Thought just got lost in the shuffle. All those presidential corruption scandals, very messy, plus a 25% inflation rate… things get lost, don’tcha know.

I wonder if we already have a Secretary of Thought and don’t know it.

Good News! No More ‘Ministry of Truth’

Biden 'disinfo' czar Nina Jankowicz ripped over TikTok

Strike three, yer out!

After only three weeks, The Regime’s “Disinformation Governance Board”–better known as the Orwellian “Ministry of Truth”–is being, er, “paused” by the government (https://nypost.com/2022/05/18/biden-admin-pauses-disinformation-governance-board-report/). And the Far Left Crazy dindle who headed it, Nina Jankowicz, has resigned.

Calloo, callay, O frabjous day!

Jankowicz blamed the debacle on “mischaracterizations of the board [which] became a distraction to the Department’s [Homeland Security, the DHS] vital work…”

Oh? What vital work was that?

Censoring all opposition and criticism!

Democrats in the House of Representatives a few days ago rejected a Republican bill to get rid of the board, but the damage was already done. Just after that, Jankowicz proposed having “reliable” operatives edit and change other people’s comments in the social media: to put words into their mouths. Public opinion erupted against it.

So as usual the wackos went too far, and now the “vital work” is to be indefinitely “paused,” let’s hope forever. Maybe if the Dems can cheat their way to another astonishing electoral victory, this year in the midterms, they can bring it back. Otherwise, it’s dead.

No one’s freedom will be safe until the Democrat Party ceases to be a factor in American politics.

Glad She’s On Our Side!

There are still some strong characters up on Capitol Hill who fight for America–who fight for us. Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colorado) is one of then. Listen as she hews the legs out from under The Regime’s new Disinformation Governance Board–already widely known by its Orwellian label, “the Ministry of Truth.”

I stand up and cheer! Go get ’em, Lauren! Let’s get that Republican landslide in November so we can defund the censors, reconnect the Keystone Pipeline, and impeach those dastards who have already done such serious harm to our country.

I hope the rest of the House now understands what defending America means.