Where Did This Nooze Story Go?

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“What, me worry?”

I scan a lot of nooze stories, during the course of a day. Late yesterday afternoon, I jotted one down for use today.

Well, it ain’t there anymore. Can’t find it anywhere.

It seems our (ahem!) “president,” SloJo Biden, has said that “Republicans are an existential threat to our democracy.”

What does he propose to do about it? I don’t know: the story disappeared before I could study it. I thought it’d be here for me, somewhere, this morning. I can only think that once again Our Free & Independent Nooze Media has run interference for their fair-haired boy. In this case, by erasing the story. “Never happened!”

Well, Joe-Joe, the feeling’s mutual. I see you as an existential threat to our republic. You’ve already done major damage. Imagine what you could do with two more years in office. God forbid. (I mean that literally, as a prayer.)

I don’t expect this particular nooze story to be brought back. Sort of like that video footage of Palestinians dancing in the streets to celebrate 9/11. Millions of us saw it, but we are told it never happened.

And this will never have happened, either.


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