Archbishop Socks It to Pelosi

Catholic Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone: Traditional Latin Mass will  continue in San Francisco | Catholic News Agency

This should have been done years ago.

Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone (San Francisco) has notified Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi that Holy Communion will be withheld from her unless and until she publicly repudiates her support for abortion and publicly repents (

The archbishop made it very clear in a letter:

“You are not to present yourself for Holy Communion… until such time as you publicly repudiate your advocacy for the legitimacy of abortion…”

Pelosi is one of several leading Democrat shysters who ardently support and promote abortion while claiming to be “devout Roman Catholics.” Prominent among them are “President” (LOL) Joe Biden and “Climate Change Czar” John Kerry, who was almost president. Like Pelosi, they have a fetish for abortion and have always funded and supported it.

So far, American bishops (with a few exceptions) have not insisted that politicians who cash in on being Catholic actually follow Catholic teachings–or at least not blatantly ignore them.

We salute Archbishop Cordileone for doing what all the bishops should have done.

2 comments on “Archbishop Socks It to Pelosi

  1. Archbishop Cordileone is finally following Canon Law 915. He’s given her warnings, counseled her privately, and now is taking the final step in the law. Unfortunately, as you say, few other American bishops have the courage — or, I regret to say, the inclination — to do what Cordileone has done. I could say more, but then I’d have to go to confession over the words coming out of my keyboard.

  2. May God bless this man and help him stand firm against anything that may be used to hurt him. May God protect him. And May his words and actions toward Mrs. Pelosi cause her to rethink her stance on abortion.

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