Ignorant TV Motormouth Tells Archbishop Where to Get Off

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Far Left Crazy is screaming bloody murder over San Francisco Archbishop Cordileone’s decision to excommunicate abortion-happy Democrat politician Nancy Pelosi. One passionately ignorant celebrity thinks he does not have the authority to do it.

“It’s not his job!” babbles Whoopi Goldberg, a dope who does The View (https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/entertainment/english/hollywood/news/whoopi-goldberg-faces-backlash-after-blasting-archbishop-for-denying-nancy-pelosi-communion/articleshow/91766373.cms). In point of fact, excommunicating someone for flagrant, unrepented, egregious sin is part of any archbishop’s job description.

But instead of giving in to facts, Whoopi snarls at the archbishop (who isn’t actually there to reap the benefit of being snarled at), “How dare you?” Like she was Greta Thunberg or some other person of towering unimportance.

Somehow she forgot to say, “Don’t you know who Nancy Pelosi is? Why, she’s the Speaker of the House! And don’t you forget it, mister!”

Meanwhile back in The Swamp, Pelosi simply walked into a liberal Georgetown church and received communion–like being excommunicated can’t follow you into D.C. and its environs. I begin to understand why The Exorcist is set in Georgetown.

In addition to being a vast crime with tens of millions of victims, abortion is a spiritual pollution for which God will hand down judgment.

And Whoopi will try to tell Him it’s not His job, either.

3 comments on “Ignorant TV Motormouth Tells Archbishop Where to Get Off

  1. Whoopi and Nancy and all who think like this are in for the saddest time os their lives. I would sure hate to be in their shoes.

  2. A bishop is obligated under Canon Law (esp. Canon 383) to enforce Canon 915, which prohibits people in persistent mortal sin from receiving Holy Communion. And abortion — or promoting abortion or even cooperating in it willingly for any reason — is considered mortal sin.

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