‘Cultural Humility Training’???

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The evil of this nooze has worn me out. Here are some nice butterflies and flowers instead.

If only we could wake up and find that this has all been just a bizarre and horrible dream… But no such luck.

The California Senate has a bill to require (so much for “choice”) all doctors and health care staff to undergo… “cultural humility training” so they can better provide “trans-inclusive health care” (https://californiaglobe.com/articles/ca-senate-passes-transgender-inclusive-health-care-bill/).

(Wake up, wake up!)

I mean, what is this schiff? I had to look it up. By Jove, “cultural humility training” includes “self-evaluation” and “self-critique.” Hmm… that seems familiar, somehow.

Ooh, ooh, now I know! Red China! Great Leap Forward. Self-criticism sessions. The Thoughts of Chairman Mao! Yes, that’s where we’ve heard this before.

And from now all (they love that word) health care plans must include “gender-affirming care.”

The bill, strongly supported by Organized Sodomy, passed the Senate, 28-6, and now must go to the House.

(Remember, O God, that these things are done without our consent, against our will, and over our objections.)

P.S.–Can you say “thorough-going affront to personal dignity”?

4 comments on “‘Cultural Humility Training’???

  1. What I’m afraid of is that too many otherwise sane people are going to keep using the phrase “gender-affirming care” for something that denies actual gender and harms instead of giving care. It’s happened too often. By using the Enemy’s terminology, we’ve already begun affirming his assumptions. Resist, resist. And don’t let our representatives start using this term. Call them on it whenever they do use it.

    1. Boy, is it ever hard to get them to stop doing this! That bumbler Sean Hannity insists on using all the female pronouns for men who pretend to be women. We really must learn to stop falling for this trick.

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