All Aboard! (Cats & Dogs)

None of our cats ever got used to riding in a car. Just couldn’t stand it. Dogs bear up better, I guess, because they want to be like their humans. Just try selling that idea to a cat and see where it gets you.

Our rats were perfect little angels when I had to take them to the vet: sat peacefully on my shoulder the whole time.

3 comments on “All Aboard! (Cats & Dogs)

  1. Yep, I had trouble with cats riding in cars except for the two Siamese. They would go anywhere we would go. Dogs sometimes get car-sick when they are young, but always seem to outgrow it.

  2. My dog Leo always got car sick if the ride was more than 10 minutes. I don’t remember what we had to give him a few minutes before his ride, but if we didn’t, dog vomit would be all over. He loved rides, but somehow when we took him to the vet, within two blocks of the building, he knew where he was going, and began to shake…he didn’t like the vet!

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