We Has a ‘Man’ Whoo Layze Eggs!!!

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Heer at Collidge,, furst we hadded “a” pregganint man whoo gived Berth to a pillow,, Pulled it “rihght out” fromb Under his T-Shurt!!!!! He whanted to get a bortion butt he “was” Too Layte!!!! So mutch for awl themb Biggits and Haters whoo “say” “a” man he caint get pregganint!!!!!!

Butt this weak we hased Sombthing bettter!!!! A man whoo “layed” haff a duzzin Eggs!!!!! It jist gose to sho waht we bin lurning in Nothing Studies, “Byollagy it dose Not determan yore Ginder!!”!” Or eevin yore Speeshees!!

Nhow i didnt sea himb Lay “the” Eggs becose afftur All that “is” “a” Pryvit Thing yiu doughnt “Do” it wen peeple thay “are” standing arowned Waching yiu!!!!! Butt afftur he layed themb he caime Out “Of” his Dorm Roomb and shode us “the” Eggs!! And thay are “betttur” Than chickin Eggs becose thay “are” Allreddy hard boyled!!!!!!!

Whil themb Eggs hach?? He sayed “I whil putt themb” Undder “my Bed” and “sea”!”! He didnt kneed “To” maik a Nesst,,, he jist pyled Dust Bunnys “arowned” the Eggs, he hadded plenny of thoze!!!!!!

Meenwile we “the” Stoodint Soviet we rote a lettur “to” our Centaur (his naime it “is” tooo Hard “to” Spel but yiu wood “reckkinyze himb” if yiu seed it) And we assked himb to maik it Aginst The Laww to say “that” Men they caint Get pregganint and enny boddy whoo sez that,,, thay shood be Hung and then putt “INto” Sensertivvady Traning foar ten (10) Yeers!@!!!

4 comments on “We Has a ‘Man’ Whoo Layze Eggs!!!

  1. It’ll be interesting to see how Joe’s friend manages to hatch those eggs — and what the eggs are going to smell like after lying in the dust bunnies under his bed for a few days. But he seems to be ingenious enough to come up with something. (I like the one who gave birth to a pillow!)

    As for writing to one’s Centaur, I know of some Senators who really are Centaurs in that they resemble the back end of a horse.

    1. At a family Thanksgiving dinner, years ago, I stuffed a pillow under my shirt just to freak out my mother–which it did, big-time. And lots of laughs all around.

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