Public School Again (andagainandagain…)

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Turning our culture into a toxic waste dump

What? Your kids are still in public school? Are you sure that’s where you want them?

Today’s Daily Public School Outrage takes us to Tompkins Middle School, Manhattan, where kids are “taught” by intensely perverted individuals how to apply “drag queen makeup” ( The goal, according to one mutant from the Drag Queen Story Hour, is to “erase binary gender altogether.” Yowsah, yowsah. So this, er, stuff teaches “inclusion and equity”–words which have become meaningless.

And for a mere $400 fee, your child can get a drag queen makeup tutorial!

The whole mess is sponsored by the New York City Council. With tax dollars.

What are our public “educators” trying to do to us? Let’s say you really can erase binary gender. What kind of hell-hole do you wind up with then?

Combine all this tranny schiff with abortion, homosexuality, assisted suicide, drugs, and the rest of the Far Left Crazy de luxe fun-pack… and it adds up to extinction. If we all do these things, the human race will die.

See? We’ve had a new public school outrage for each of three days in a row. I expect there are more of them than there are days on the calendar.

Why are anybody’s children still in public school?

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