Canada Crowds Reject Transgender ‘Education’

TORONTO, CANADA - SEPTEMBER 20 : Hundreds of people attend the '1 Million March for Children' rally organized by the parents group 'Hands off Our Kids' at Queens Park in Toronto, Ontario, Canada on September 20, 2023. Thousands of people gathered for a nationwide protest against teaching policies on gender …

The schools are in the nooze, big-time, lately. Don’t blame me; it’s my duty to report it.

But here’s a bit of good news, for a change.

Uncounted thousands of parents, all over Canada, coast to coast, turned out a few days ago to protest the public schools’ grooming children for “transgender” ( The protests sprang up in Ottawa, Edmonton, Calgary, Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal–just to name the biggest demonstrations. Yes, even in Vancouver. Who’d have thought it?

Remember this about liberals: they don’t give a damn what anybody thinks, they’re right and you’re all wrong, and they’ve got the teachers’ unions and control the schools… so there!

Speculation abounds that this may be the beginning of the end for the Trudeau Far Left government. If only… Well, we’ve heard that before. Maybe this time it’s true.

Gee–why wouldn’t people want their children taught they ought to try a sex-change?

Libs can’t understand that any more than they can understand the Bible.


Pushback! In Mexico

Thousands of parents set fire to "Marxist" textbooks in Mexico

A few days ago, thousands of Mexican parents got together to burn “educational materials” that they said featured “Marxist indoctrination” and the usual sex sales pitch ( Objectors said they did not want “the virus of communism” to infect Mexico.

(Pssst! Hey, U.S.! Hey, Canada! This is how it’s done! You don’t have to let them turn your kids into perverted little commies.)

The materials–which have also been described as full of basic errors and misspellings, poor grammar, and sloppy thinking–come from the federal Dept. of Education. It is believed the project is the work of “a former Venezuelan government official” (guess he was taking his act on the road) who had somehow wormed his way into Mexico’s government.

Governors of several Mexican states have declared that they will not allow these materials to be distributed in their states. And there is a petition against these materials that has been signed by 112,000 citizens so far.

It’s government’s move. Will they listen to the people, and back off; or will they just double down on transgender and communism?

I hope the world is watching this.

‘School “Investigates” 5-Year-Old Girl for Thought Crime’ (2017)

Image result for images of hell

We’re gonna need a bigger Hell.

Why do we put up with stuff like this? Here it is, six years after this outrage, and they’re still doing it to us–and sicking the FBI/KGB on us if we object.

School ‘Investigates’ 5-Year-Old Girl for Thought Crime

Once upon a time a grown man or woman in a responsible position would have been ashamed to “investigate” a five-year-old. What kind of weirdo does this?

The kind that densely popular our public schools and are trying to transform our children into sexually debauched Far Left wackos like themselves.

Who’s Wrecking Disney?

Disney #death #dead mice #Mickey Mouse

Confound that Climate Change! Look what it did!

Once upon a time you could blame it on the bossa nova. Now…?

Disney Corp cranks out ten or 11 movies in a row that are box-office disasters, losing around a billion dollars. Their new “Snow White” movie, not even due to be released until next year, has become a daily food fight. Subscribers are canceling their subscriptions.

And–gasp!–attendance at the Disney theme parks has “dropped substantially” (

So what’s the problem? What’s to blame? Don’t worry, they already know the answer. Why aren’t people coming to the theme parks? Drum roll, please–


Aw, c’mon–you knew that, didn’t you? Never mind the content of those movies, which would make a hyena turn up its nose and run away. This is Disney, it’s gotta be right–Americans want their kids groomed for sex! But don’t take their word for it–ask any drag queen.

Once they get the climate fixed–world government, draconian new Rules that cover everything, anyone who doesn’t like it disappears, and bob’s your uncle–the plebs will come flocking back to Disney’s parks, eager to get their five-year-olds primed for sexual adventure. Think of it as icing on the cake made by the public schools.

Every bite of which is poison.

Cracks in the Monolith

I only show this image because I know there are “progressives” out there who will insist I only made it up, there’s no such book.

You know I don’t like to do nooze on Sunday; but here’s a bit of good news that I don’t want to let slip through the cracks.

Montana has become the first state to cut its ties with the American Library Assn., and at least nine more are expected soon to follow suit ( These include South Carolina, Arizona, and Pennsylvania, where legislation is already being prepared. Texas is gearing up for it, too–and Idaho.

Why? Because ALA libraries have gone full Far Left Crazy and local libraries are being used to groom children for sex. The shelves are full of sexually-explicit filthy books aimed at children.

The president of the ALA is a self-described “Marxist lesbian.” I think that tells us all we need to know about that organization.

While we slept, they took over our institutions.

Now the time has come to take them back.

My Newswithviews Column, May 25 (“‘Emergency!” for the Woke’)

Arrow Missing Target Stock Illustrations – 154 Arrow Missing Target Stock  Illustrations, Vectors & Clipart - Dreamstime

Target’s not on target!

Why are Far Left crazies always flabbergasted when their little schemes don’t pan out and the public vastly rejects them? What part of “Oh, dry up, get lost!” don’t they understand?

‘Emergency!’ for the Woke

Yeah, it’s always an emergency. Do what we say or you’re all gonna die! How many times are they going to pull that on us?

Our position is that you people never tell the truth. Never.

Go ahead, try to prove us wrong.

Teacher on Parent: ‘She’s Ignorant’

129,147 Empty Classroom Images, Stock Photos & Vectors ...

An empty classroom–the only thing that’ll stop the teachers’ unions

[Thanks to Susan for the nooze tip]

Boy, can Americans take abuse from their public employees! If only there were a constructive use for it…

When a 5th-grader’s mother objected to a gay-grooming Disney film that was shown in her child’s classroom, the, um, “teacher” was moved to remind her that “parental rights are gone” once your kiddie’s in a public school ( As to the parent’s objections, the teacher dismissed them: “She’s ignorant.” Just shut up and pay your school tax, plebs! We’ll groom your children for sex and you’d better learn to like it.

This incident occurred in Florida, where the legislature is actually trying to protect families from the ravages of the teachers’ unions. Imagine what it must be like in Blue states.

How about it, parents? Do you agree your rights are gone, the moment your child enters public school?

The only meaningful response to this, the only action that can have any effect, is to withdraw millions of Christian children from the public schools. Pull ’em all out! And see how long the teachers’ unions can get by with empty classrooms.

Oklahoma Gov Defunds State’s PBS Network

Why NPR and PBS Should Stop Taking Government Money

Mmmm-mmmm! Public money!

We can’t help wondering why this took so long.

Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt has defunded his state’s Public Broadcasting network, sparing Oklahoma taxpayers the burden of funding shows that “indoctrinate” children into Far Left fantasies and “oversexualize” them through deviant-friendly programming   (

I dunno… What else would you call it when they show “Li’l Miss Hot Mess” singing about a drag queen’s hips?

If the state legislature doesn’t override the governor’s action, Oklahoma PBS will go off the air July 1.

In addition to “celebrating” drag queens, PBS programs also applaud and encourage surgical sterilization of children–deceitfully spoken of as “gender affirming healthcare.” If it were up to me, I’d do more than take away the money. But maybe you think this is  cutting-edge cool and if only your momma and poppa had done it to you when you were eight years old!

Hats off to Gov. Stitt! We need more like him.

‘Tell Teacher’ Your Sexual Fantasies!

What You Need to Understand About Bearded Dragon Head Bobbing

I can’t find a suitable illustration for this bilge. Maybe if we head-bob with this lizard hard enough, lunatic schools will disappear.

What kind of blithering idiots are running our public schools?

In Oregon recently parents complained about a high school “curriculum” in which one of the assignments was for the students to write descriptions of their sexual fantasies and hand the essays in to the teacher, who would read them ( Hard to believe, isn’t it?

The assignment specified that students were not to write about “penetration” or oral sex. Supposedly the purpose here was to “show and receive loving physical attention without having sex.” Just another “health” class with the football coach in charge.

(We may want to spare some sympathy for the teacher. Imagine having to read this stuff. You could go mad.)

And get this: the curriculum was developed by the Unitarian Universalist Assn. and the United “Gay is Good” Church of Christ. We are told that despite this, the curriculum is “free of religious doctrine.” Gee, I’ve been saying that about the UUA and the UCC for years. Don’t go looking for religious doctrine there.

I cannot conceive of anything more horrifying than letting anyone’s high school gym teacher (“health” was always taught by gym teachers) read kids’ sexual fantasies. Somehow the school board thought this would be a good idea.

But I know a worse idea than that: leave your kids in public school.

Are 20% of America’s Kids… ‘Transgender’?

29,217 Boy In Dress Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free Images - iStock |  Boy dressed as girl, Transgender child, Crossdressing

No one’s too young for the groomers.

[Thanks to Susan for the nooze tip.]

A new Rasmussen survey says that some 20% of America’s public school children now “identify” as “non-binary” or “transgender” ( Sorry for all the quotation marks, but we are talking toxic crapola here.

Well, why not? “Teachers” and their unions are just pouring this garbage into children’s ears, and it’s bound to take effect. Kids who suddenly decide that they’re a different “gender” get rewarded with praise and attention.

Anyone smell brimstone here?

Fortunately, we are seeing “an explosion of legislation to address this” miserable mess. Whether it can be enacted and enforced in time to do any good remains to be seen.

But one thing that will do a vast amount of good would be to take millions of our children out of public education. The teachers’ colleges, the teachers’ unions, and the teachers themselves are totally sold on “transgender,” and they won’t be changing their minds anytime soon. Take the children out of their hands!

Let’s not be accomplices of those who would wipe out our posterity.