Why Are They Doing This?

Susan said I ought to watch this, just to see what we’re likely to come up against in the next election cycle–a run for the White House by Gavin Newsom, the governor of California.

Newsom’s wife, Jennifer, is a wealthy documentary film-maker whose agenda may be described as “Obama-Plus”–pursuing a “fundamental transformation of America” into a Far Left hell-hole. This time the tool will be Jennifer’s bizarre, sexually-charged documentaries now finding their way into our already wretched public schools.

Investigative reporter Adam Andrzejewski broke it down into three steps: lay out a comprehensive “gender” curriculum for young children in the schools; promote her husband as the star with all the answers; and make tons of money, doing it. The films, he said, feature “triple X-rated images” for 11-year-olds to see. And meanwhile, he said, she will be “quadruple-dipping into taxpayers’ funds” provided by the state.

The objective is to gin up Newsom’s run for president, with Jennifer actively and aggressively serving as a “co-president”–Hillary Clinton 2.0.

Hello! Parents! What do you suppose you and your children are going to get out of this? Why in the world do you tolerate it? That’s what I can’t understand. What do you think will happen to our country if crazy stuff like this isn’t stopped?

Try This for a School Board Campaign Slogan

Inflation is the No. 1 issue in this year’s elections. But suddenly, at least in my home town, we’ve got lawn signs for school board candidates.

I’ve figured out that the candidates with the signs are the bad guys. Democrats were shocked, this summer, by how many of their puppets bit the dust in special school board elections all around the country. So of course they’re now going to pour money into school board elections!

Here’s the campaign slogan that I recommend for our side:

Damn the ideology! The family comes first!

No more “trans” propaganda, no more sodomite porn in the school library, no more boys in the girls’ locker rooms: what is the purpose of any of that stuff, if not to undermine the family and groom children for early and aberrant sex? What in the world are our Far Left Crazy teachers’ unions doing, if not that?

The family comes before the schools. Not the other way around! We pay for those wretched schools. We ought to own them. The fact that we don’t, and never will, should be all we need to know… before we remove our children from those classrooms. We can get by without public schooling, but we can’t get by without the family.

Better than any board of education candidate is homeschooling–out of the reach of teachers’ unions.

And This Must Be Said!

Righteous father blasts woke school board… Powerful words…

I got this from Citizen Free Press, a site I don’t know how to navigate, so I couldn’t find any text to go with it. To see the video, you’ll have to click the title up there.

But this man, this father, needs no help from me. He is laying it on the wise fools who run his local school district, and if they had any more sense than a parking meter, they’d listen.

Anyway, this powerful message speaks for itself. We shall indeed be judged by God someday. Arguments for “diversity” and “inclusion” won’t impress him.

But listen to the video. These were words that needed to be said.

What Do the ‘Schools’ Have to Do to Enrage You?

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Did Dante have our public schools in mind?

People! Those are your kids whose minds they’re messing with; and it’s your money, that you worked for, which they’re using to pay for it. How much longer will you tolerate it?

Investigative journalist Christopher Rufo has delved deep into the San Diego Grooming Operation, otherwise known as the San Diego Unified School District, and its radical “gender-queer”…uh… “teaching” (https://twitter.com/realchrisrufo/status/1554926876862296064).

This is sheer insanity. San Diego’s public schools teach children that heterosexuality is “a system of oppression” and “heteronormativity” the invention of evil White Europeans–there is not a single transgender cliche omitted from this scheme. Oh! and did you know White Europeans “created” the “gender binary”? Apparently everyone in Asia never heard of “male and female” before that.

The school district has set itself the goal of pulling normal people’s children out of normal sexuality and is heavily invested in that project.

And you’re sending your kids there? To be “educated” by them? What the devil’s wrong with you? God defend us, is this what’s coming out of teachers’ colleges? Coming out to groom America’s children?

Complete the sentence and win a tinfoil hat! “I send my children to public school to be educated by wackos and perverts because _________.”

‘The Left Vs. Reality’ (Newswithviews, 2017)

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Five years ago we had riots in the streets, a Pope who seemed to have forgotten he was Catholic, and Democrats pouring on the culture rot, gasoline onto the fire.


We still have all that stuff, but now we have a Democrat “president” to cheer them on and help them tear down the country. Their current project is to groom children for a “transgender lifestyle.” That’s how they use the public schools.

These people are criminally insane and must be stopped.

The Freak in the Classroom

Is this who you want “teaching” your children?

Ready for another public schooling outrage?

“Libs of TikTok” has turned up another post by a “queer” teacher, this one “teaching” third grade (https://thepostmillennial.com/openly-queer-teacher-admits-to-socially-transitioning-3rd-grade-students). It flies an Organized Sodomy rainbow flag in the classroom and wears “bi-flag” watchband and wrist bracelet. This purple-haired character says he/she/it is always eager to help “my kids–”

Whoa! Did she/it say “my kids”? Parents let her/it get away with that?

Why does anybody still send their kids to public school?

Anyway, the “teacher” wants to “help” kiddies “transition” to some other “gender.” I am sorry for all the quotation marks, but we are now in the twilight zone and words don’t mean what we always thought they meant.

I don’t know what else America’s unionized public school teachers think they’re doing, but I can see one thing they’re most certainly doing–grooming children for aberrant sex.

And if your kids are still in public school, you’re letting them do it.

Disney’s Still At It

15 Pictures Of Puppies Doing The Cutest Puppy Things

It’s happy puppy time! And if you’ve been with this blog a while, you’ll know why.

Do you remember ever asking the Disney Corp. to “educate” your children?

Well, they don’t care whether you want ’em to or not. They’re just gonna do it.

Which brings us to Disney’s new Toy Story spinoff, Lightyear (https://aleteia.org/2022/06/15/what-you-should-know-before-taking-your-kids-to-see-disneys-lightyear/). The intent seems to be to “educate” very young children about the ineffable wonderfulness of lesbianism, etc. It features two women kissing, getting, uh, “married,” and one of ’em gets pregnant (don’t ask).

Are they or are they not trying to groom children for aberrant sex? A Disney exec brags about the corporation’s “not-so-secret gay agenda.” Is there any reason not to believe her?

Why? Who wants this? What do they get out of it?

I know what Satan gets. He gets the extinction of the human race. Huh? Simple. If everybody’s “gay” or “trans,” no more us. Pffft.

I’d rather we stayed and Disney Corp. went lights out forever.

When Are They Going to Eat Your Kids?

Man Finds Alligator Chilling on an Alligator Raft in a Rented Home Pool in  Florida

This is the only nooze I mean to cover this weekend, unless something good happens. But bad stuff like this is happening all over the country.

The Fraser public school district, in Michigan, has been caught concealing from the parents a child’s, er, “choice” to be “transgender” (https://neonnettle.com/news/19300-michigan-school-orders-teachers-to-hide-student-s-transgender-status-from-parents). Teachers have been ordered not to tell the child’s parents. Told, in fact, to actively deceive the parents.

The matter came to light via a leaked email.

Apparently the school district claims it’s Only Following Orders, these from the Biden Regime, which is all in for Transgender and grooming kids for sex. They say they’re not, but their actions say otherwise.

This is happening in public schools throughout the country. And still parents send their children there! It’s glaringly obvious that the “educators” despise the parents and consider the children theirs to do with as they please.

What do they have to do before you take your children out of there? Eat the kids? Throw them to the alligators?

Let’s find out where you draw the line.

Public School Again (andagainandagain…)

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Turning our culture into a toxic waste dump

What? Your kids are still in public school? Are you sure that’s where you want them?

Today’s Daily Public School Outrage takes us to Tompkins Middle School, Manhattan, where kids are “taught” by intensely perverted individuals how to apply “drag queen makeup” (https://thepostmillennial.com/nyc-public-school-teaches-middle-schoolers-how-to-do-drag-makeup). The goal, according to one mutant from the Drag Queen Story Hour, is to “erase binary gender altogether.” Yowsah, yowsah. So this, er, stuff teaches “inclusion and equity”–words which have become meaningless.

And for a mere $400 fee, your child can get a drag queen makeup tutorial!

The whole mess is sponsored by the New York City Council. With tax dollars.

What are our public “educators” trying to do to us? Let’s say you really can erase binary gender. What kind of hell-hole do you wind up with then?

Combine all this tranny schiff with abortion, homosexuality, assisted suicide, drugs, and the rest of the Far Left Crazy de luxe fun-pack… and it adds up to extinction. If we all do these things, the human race will die.

See? We’ve had a new public school outrage for each of three days in a row. I expect there are more of them than there are days on the calendar.

Why are anybody’s children still in public school?

…And They’ve Found a Scapegoat

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His fault, his fault! We didn’t do nothin’!

Wow! State Farm Insurance has already found a scapegoat for its backlash-provoking venture into “woke” societal engineering (https://redstate.com/jenvanlaar/2022/05/23/breaking-state-farm-terminates-partnership-with-gendercool-according-to-internal-memo-n568913).

Yowsah! It’s all the fault of a Mr. Soto, a “corporate responsibility analyst” (was that brain cells dying, that I just heard?) in their Florida office… described as being “four levels down” on the organization chart from the corporation’s Chief Diversity Officer in Indiana. It was this naughty Mr. Soto who signed them up with GenderCool! All his bad.

Excuse me! If the Chief Diversity Schmendrick is “four levels up” from Mr. Soto, doesn’t that mean they have, like, five layers of this crap?

And why does an insurance provider need any kind of “diversity officer”? Let alone five levels of it.

Anyway, they’re sayin’ Mr. Soto signed ’em up to use “550 agents and employees” to distribute tranny books in schools and groom the kiddies for sex… and of course it was all him, nobody else knew what he was up to.

Honk if you believe that.

How many customers dropped State Farm after this nooze came out? Guess that’s Mr. Soto’s fault, too.

We really do need to find alternatives to doing business with “woke” corporations.