Go Trans–Or Don’t Eat

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Boy, those 81 million phantoms who voted for Biden have a lot to answer for.

In his continuing jihad to promote “transgender,” especially by targeting children, SloJo has issued an executive order that school districts must implement The Regime’s transgender/inclusion policies… or else be cut off from federal funds that provide school lunches for children from low-income families (https://decisionmagazine.com/biden-administration-ties-transgender-policy-to-food-for-poor-students/). The funds come through the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture’s Food and Nutrition Service.

“Embrace transgender, or your kids don’t eat!”

Ours is supposed to be a representative government. Does this government represent you? Does it represent anyone except the Far Left Crazy?

We are asked to believe that without food provided by the government, children will be starving all over America. I find that well-nigh impossible to believe–unless it’s just another government dependency program that they’ve succeeded in making people think they can’t do without. America’s “poor” would be middle-class in many another country. Do their kids really, truly starve if the government schools don’t feed them?

Sounds like a hustle to me.

But imagine that it isn’t. Imagine that it’s true. What does that say about a government that holds poor children hostage for its insane transgender policies? Yes–those policies that let boys into the girls’ rest rooms, locker rooms, and showers.

Do you really need your kids to be there?

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  1. If the principals of these schools had any moral fiber and would stand up against this dictum, it might be a good way to get people off the government dole and encourage parents to make economical lunches for their children. I grew up in what was essentially a slum — although slums weren’t as dangerous in my day as they are now — and those of us who couldn’t go home for lunch brought lunches with us in paper bags or lunchboxes. And yes, these were poor people.

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