‘Can Britain’s Idols Save Her?’ (2017)

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Britain was in the nooze, another terrorist attack, when I wrote that headline. I should have asked, “Can any idols save anybody?” Because of course the UK is only one of many nations that has put its trust in idols.

Can Britain’s Idols Save Her?

Look at the stupid stuff we worship! Cell phones. Experts and their ridiculous opinions. “Education.” “Science.” All the work of our own hands, all completely impotent. And don’t forget the worship of The State! And government.

Does fornication count as a kind of idol worship? I guess it does if you do it because an idol says you should.

We have sinned deeply, thoroughly, and we need repentance and plenty of it.

Unless you really like the way the world is going, these days.

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  1. I truly hate the way of the world as it is now. And I would admit that to anyone who would question me. There are plenty of things in Scripture that GOD hates, and we are to hate things HE hates.

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