When Are They Going to Eat Your Kids?

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This is the only nooze I mean to cover this weekend, unless something good happens. But bad stuff like this is happening all over the country.

The Fraser public school district, in Michigan, has been caught concealing from the parents a child’s, er, “choice” to be “transgender” (https://neonnettle.com/news/19300-michigan-school-orders-teachers-to-hide-student-s-transgender-status-from-parents). Teachers have been ordered not to tell the child’s parents. Told, in fact, to actively deceive the parents.

The matter came to light via a leaked email.

Apparently the school district claims it’s Only Following Orders, these from the Biden Regime, which is all in for Transgender and grooming kids for sex. They say they’re not, but their actions say otherwise.

This is happening in public schools throughout the country. And still parents send their children there! It’s glaringly obvious that the “educators” despise the parents and consider the children theirs to do with as they please.

What do they have to do before you take your children out of there? Eat the kids? Throw them to the alligators?

Let’s find out where you draw the line.

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  1. Don’t worry, the wokeists won’t eat the kids — wokeists are all vegans. Throw to the alligators, maybe. Or into a volcano to placate Gaia.

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