My First Short Story

Look what I found! The December 1981 issue of Mike Shayne Mystery Magazine. Look at the cover carefully and you’ll see my name.

It was my very first published story. It was called “The Bun Man.” I went on to write several more stories that editor Charlie Fritch published, but “The Bun Man” was first. And I forget how many stories I had to write before I sold one. You wouldn’t believe how incredibly difficult it is to get a story published! I don’t mean self-published. I mean somebody pays you for your work.

Alas, there is no more Mike Shayne. No more Alfred Hitchcock’s or Ellery Queen’s, either. So many short story magazines gone exinct… as reading itself prepares to join them. What can a writer do but sigh? And pray that maybe someday people rediscover reading. Before we go extinct, too.

6 comments on “My First Short Story

    1. That really was a long time ago. How old were you when you started writing?

    2. You have certainly acquired a lot of experience and skill all these years as a writer. I wish I could someday put my imagination to paper, just like you do, Mr. Lee Duigon.

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