‘”Idolizing the Bible”‘ (2017)

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They have their reward.

It’s a very simple thing to understand: either the Bible is God’s word, or it isn’t. And if it is not, then we don’t have God’s word.

‘Idolizing the Bible’?

I’m happy to report that my “liberal friend” mentioned in the post has made real progress since it was written. I don’t think he believes anymore that his church outranks God.

R.J. Rushdoony made a lot of enemies by writing about “churchmen” who refuse to honor God’s word. Or even recognize it as His word.

But as our Lord Himself said, “They have their reward.”

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  1. A pastor I had while in Philadelphia, Dean, once told us about a professor he had while in seminary. The professor often stated that certain passages of Scripture really weren’t relevant for today. That annoyed Dean so much. He found an old Bible of his that he no longer used and started bringing it to the professor’s class. When the professor made the “that passage is irrelevant to today’s world” or something similar remark, Dean quickly found the passage in the old Bible and said loud enough for those around him to hear, “Well, I suppose I won’t be needing that passage anymore!” as he tore the page from the Bible. Dean then balled up the page and tossed it towards the wastepaper can. Took the professor by surprise but then it began to annoy him as Dean brought that Bible to every class. Any time he’d hear that professor make a disparaging remark regarding the integrity of and the relevance of the Bible Dean would find the passage and tear out the page it was on. I don’t remember how Dean fared in that class but he did graduate and went on to become one of the best pastors I ever had. He took the Bible to heart and “idolized” it to put it that way.

    1. I first heard “beware of Bibliolatry” from a newly-ordained pastor. She didn’t think it was the word of God. It was the church I grew up in; but I don’t go there anymore.

    2. They teach that the Bible is not God’s word in many seminaries, these days. If that were the case, why even bother. It just becomes a philosophy class. I might as well start my own church, where you can sin all you want to, so long as you pay me a double tithe. 🙂

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