A Message from The Unknown!

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This morning, for the first time ever–and I’ve been doing this every day for years–my worldwide readership map informed me that I have a view from… “an Unknown Region.”

Holy cow! Now where could that have come from? Do they have Internet in The Shire? I’m sure they have it on Barsoom, but the reception is horrible. I’d kinda like it if it turned out to be someplace where they still have dinosaurs.

But where could it be? That’s the thing about unknown regions–you don’t know where they are. And I thought views from Mauritius were exotic!

Somewhere, I guess, there’s a castle in the wilderness, or a secret lab deep underground, or a bunch of elves gathered around a laptop, reading this blog and waiting for the next chapter of Oy, Rodney.

Ask the readers from Known Regions: where do you think this view could have come from?

4 comments on “A Message from The Unknown!

  1. (Tune up Twilight Zone music.) Uh-oh, maybe Washington DC? Or Beijing? Or have you irritated the local school board lately? Or a neighbor who’s still wearing a mask? (More Twilight Zone music.)

    Speaking of Unknown Regions… After my two days of errands when I could barely get to my computer, my email inbox is a-swarm with monsters even after massive deletions. So once again I won’t be commenting much until I clear the mailbox swamp. Where’s Hercules when you need him most?

  2. It’s probably from the deep jungles of Africa where living dinosaurs have been sighted in recent years. I have a request for a song I haven’t heard in a long time “For The Beauty Of The Earth.”

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