Billionaires Who Finance ‘Transgender’

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Well, here’s a nice depressing story. Kudos to reporter Jennifer Bilek, who has investigated it in depth.

First, a new term for us to learn–“Synthetic Sexual Identities,” or SSI, to be achieved by “creating new SSIs using surgeries and drugs.” Or, to put it more boldly, and I quote, “We are making God…”

Pushing it for all they’re worth is the politically powerful billionaire Pritzker family, owners of the Hyatt Hotel chain, with lots and lots of powerful allies and accessories.


As sane people, we don’t know why! The end result of all this will be mass sterility, possibly resulting in human extinction if it isn’t stopped in time. If this campaign wasn’t brewed in Hell, I don’t know what is.

Fight for us, O Lord our God! And give us what we need, to accomplish our work for Christ’s Kingdom.

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