Time to Start Typing

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My allergies having abated to the point where I can go back to work, I’ve got seven chapters of a new book to type up and send to my editor, Susan. Ozias, Prince in Peril–I hope you like the title.

It’s not easy, shifting gears, when you’ve just been reading and covering the dark and dreary nooze of this dark and dreary age. Ozias lived in such a time, but God put him there for a reason. I pray my description of his life and work will inspire sane and decent people to put their trust in God and do their best.

Even as David did, and Joshua, Moses, Peter and Paul, and all the other heroes we encounter in the Scriptures.

4 comments on “Time to Start Typing

  1. I am currently reading in the Books of 1 and 2 Kings, and see how so few kings and their followers/helpers actually followed the explicit instructions of the Lord; all the ridiculous things they did and called it worship. They were following idolatry and doing every crazy way of the heathen nations around them, precisely the things they were warned NOT to do. In the middle of it all, some news came on TV and a story about a disaster that had just happened in the little city only 35 miles from here. It was so disgusting, I felt like falling on my knees and begging God for forgiveness and help. If anyone thinks we are more clean and obedient as a nation than ancient Israel was, they have another think coming. It is so sad.

  2. While doing my email I come across yours saying how allergies are holding you back. I prayed for you. Then many emails later I get this one that things are better and you are back at work. Now that’s what I call a quick answer to prayer 🙂

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