Bishop to School: Move It Or Lose It

School's Catholic Title in Peril Over Pride and Black Lives Matter Flags -  The New York Times

We have often wondered why Catholic bishops allow Catholic schools and colleges to proliferate anti-Catholic teachings.

But in Worcester, Massachusetts, Bishop Robert McManus has said “Enough!”

The Nativity School of Worcester has been flying “Black Lives Matter” and “LGBTQ” flags (to “show solidarity with minorities,” “school officials” say). The bishop said the flags have to come down–because they express positions contrary to Catholic faith and doctrine. “School officials” defied the bishop; so the bishop said fine, be that way–you’re not a Catholic school anymore (

The school has been cut off from mass, any and all sacraments, and fund-raising fellowship with other Catholic schools.

Stand up and salute Bishop McManus! He has done a thing that’s needed doing for quite a lot time. I mean, is it so much to ask that Catholic schools adhere to Catholic teaching?

And now, of course, the bishop is being called “racist,” a word that no longer has any meaning, because he won’t fly the “queer and trans-affirming” BLM flag.

Once upon a time a bishop would have torn it down with his own hands.

It’s time the churches started remembering how to be churches.

7 comments on “Bishop to School: Move It Or Lose It

  1. Alas, bishops like this one are all too rare. Too many bishops have forgotten they’re supposed to be shepherds of souls.

  2. Hooray! Another bishop with guts! He’ll need God’s protection since he’s touched a sacred cow. Lord Jesus, please cover this bishop with Your wings and keep him safe from the haters. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

    1. But Pope Francis might yank him and transfer him to some hole-in-the-wall place, as he’s done with other bishops who tried to uphold the Faith.

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