‘The Religion of Our “Universities”‘ (2016)

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Once upon a time universities were founded by Christians and served as hubs of intellectual life and inquiry. As late as the 19th century, most college presidents in America had a clerical background.

But now… Go ahead, ask a bunch of college wallahs what they worship.

The Religion of Our ‘Universities’

Our “education” institutions are tearing down our civilization, and the end result will not be pretty.

If the “educators” could only find something worse, something even more cruel, hopeless, and futile than communism… well, they wouldn’t be commies anymore.

4 comments on “‘The Religion of Our “Universities”‘ (2016)

  1. I’m not sure they “wouldn’t be commies any more” if they found something worse. They’d probably just paste the worse thing on time of the Communism — as they’ve done with the transgenderism.

    Evil is a drug. It develops a tolerance in the user, who then goes in search of more and more evil.

    1. Typo correction: That should have been “on top of the Communism,” not “on time of.”

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