‘Fun Stuff God Has Done: The Diplocaulus’ (2017)

I recently heard about this anphibian named Diplocaulus and I think it's  pretty cool. Btw, sorry for the bad quality. : r/badassanimals

Come home with this in your pail, and you’ll be famous!

Some fossils look so weird as to be not of this earth. The ancient amphibian Diplocaulus, with its boomerang-shaped head, is one of them.

Fun Stuff God Has Done: the Diplocaulus

Why did Diplocaulus have such a funny-shaped head? To discourage predators from swallowing him head-first? We really can’t know unless we find some live ones somewhere and observe how they live. But that’s always hard to do unless you’re in a movie.


4 comments on “‘Fun Stuff God Has Done: The Diplocaulus’ (2017)

  1. He’s cute, and I’m sure lady diplocauluses thought so, too. Or, if this is a female diplocaulus, she’s cute and I’m sure gentleman diplocauluses thought so too. (Don’t want to misgender or mispronoun anyone here, y’know.) 🙂

    1. Well, a love poem would be to or about only one diplocaulus, and “diplocaulus” is a very nice trochaic dimeter, so you could probably work it into a poem, even into an iambic pentameter sonnet:
      “My Diplocaulus, fairer than the sun…”

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