Bonus Video: Parrot in a Hammock

At last! An actual use for those stupid face masks. One of them makes a very nice hammock for a parrot. All the bird needs is a nice cool glass of lemonade.

This is a very short video, so I’ll follow it up with something more substantial.

7 comments on “Bonus Video: Parrot in a Hammock

  1. Npw, that is the best use for the nutty masks I have seen. The bird seems to enjoy it. I know I never did.

    1. Well, I could do without the cockroaches. 🙂 🙂
      But I suppose when we get to Heaven we’ll find out the point of the cockroaches.

    2. Could be.
      “always the lady archy
      always the lady
      whatthehell whatthehell
      toujours gai.” 😺

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