Here’s the Plan (A Reminder)

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We must never forget what we’ve learned, in these past few years, about Far Left Crazy’s master plan for America and the world. Let’s quickly review its key elements.

*Abort all the babies you can get your hands on.

*The ones you can’t abort, indoctrinate them into “gender” ideology and “transition” as many as you can. This will make them sterile. And keep up the sales pitch for “gay,” etc. The point is fornication without fertility.

*Make sure assisted suicide is easily available and always praised and lauded as a noble and unselfish act. In fact, make it against the law not to praise assisted suicide. Actually we can make a lot of laws like that.

*If anything of the human race is still around after these three steps, inject the survivors with “vaccines” that kill them.

That’s the plan, and it was hatched in Hell. Its end result is flaming obvious, don’t you think?

7 comments on “Here’s the Plan (A Reminder)

  1. Thank God for HIS plan that is in place and has been from eternity past to eternity future. Just make sure we follow HIS plan and turn away from satan’s plan.

  2. I agree with your observations on what is taking place. Mike Adams, “The Health Ranger” on his daily podcast (6/28/2022) proclaimed the same thing, only in much greater detail and depth. He has also been warning us about what has been happening and the plans the wicked have for this world. While I do not agree with everything Adams believes or has stated, I believe the stories and posts on his site, as this site, are a source of good information.

  3. You explain, what you explain, real good…as does Mike Adams. You, me, and Mike are all on the same page. And going in the same direction. Thanks for the observations you present to us.

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