Kittens Learn to Climb

(I’d better post this before I feel even worse… allergies!)

This device is meant to teach kittens how to climb. We had a kitten climbing trainer. It was called “the living room curtains.” I think we’d have been better off if cats had decided not to climb them.

3 comments on “Kittens Learn to Climb

  1. See, that’s the mistake this family has made — instead of a “cat spider,” they should have hung up a window curtain. Guaranteed, the kittens would have gotten to the top. And then shredded the curtain on the way down. 🙂

    1. My iguana grew up on window curtains. Eventually he got too big for some of them, and had to give it up. It really bugged him that the curtain tore and nearby stuff fell down: he liked things to be neat and orderly.

      As opposed to some of our cats…

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