‘Climate Change’ Vandals Attack Classic Works of Art

activists glue their hands to a painting

Two minds without a single thought

Gee, how can we get a lot of harsh new Climate Change laws enacted, with more raw power given to the government to enforce them?

Ooh-ooh, I know! Get some “climate protesters” to vandalize great works of art in all the art museums of Europe! Then they’ll have to give us what we want! We can call ourselves “Just Stop Oil.” No more oil!

So that’s what they’re doing.


Last week it was a Van Gogh painting in a French museum. Next it was a John Constable landscape in the United Kingdom’s National Gallery. They glued themselves to the pictures. Fortunately, the harm they did can be repaired.

Would it be a cruel and unusual punishment to force these numbskulls to live without the benefits of gas and oil for the rest of their sorry lives? But that’s what they want to do to the rest of us. Wait till winter comes. That’ll be a million laughs. Cold laughs.

I value great works of art; but we can live without them a lot easier than we can live without oil. Honk if you can’t see that.

Well, this is what we get for encouraging idiots to run wild. Today it’s classic paintings. Maybe tomorrow it’ll be an oil refinery. Saving The Planet is an all-purpose excuse, justifying any crime or overreach.

This has got to stop… before it’s just too late to stop it.

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  1. All these people who glue or otherwise attach themselves to public objects don’t seem to think ahead to what will happen when they have to go to the bathroom. I remember one “protest” in which a young man (to use the word “man” loosely) was boasting to a reporter that he’d manacled himself so thoroughly to the inside of a metal drum that no one would be able to pull him out and he didn’t even have the key himself any more. The reporter actually asked him what he would do when he had to go to the bathroom. The look on the kid’s face was priceless.

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