Study Finds ‘Zero Evidence of Climate Emergency’

The main lesson here is not “science,” but common sense.

In the absence of evidence, we should stop squandering our money on stupid “climate change” gimmicks and policies. Otherwise the money won’t be there when we need it!

Bird-killing “wind farms,” acres of solar panels filled with all sorts of toxic stuff we don’t know how to dispose of, inane restrictions on economic activity–we are wasting labor, thought, and money!

The international study cited by Sky News deplores the “naive belief in immature climate models” when the data shows… nothing! No emergency. No major changes. Nothing but the normal variations.

But that’s not how you rake in tax moneys and endow the government with undreamed-of power over people’s lives, is it?

And that’s what “Climate Change” is all about.

‘Climate Change’ Vandals Attack Classic Works of Art

activists glue their hands to a painting

Two minds without a single thought

Gee, how can we get a lot of harsh new Climate Change laws enacted, with more raw power given to the government to enforce them?

Ooh-ooh, I know! Get some “climate protesters” to vandalize great works of art in all the art museums of Europe! Then they’ll have to give us what we want! We can call ourselves “Just Stop Oil.” No more oil!

So that’s what they’re doing.

Last week it was a Van Gogh painting in a French museum. Next it was a John Constable landscape in the United Kingdom’s National Gallery. They glued themselves to the pictures. Fortunately, the harm they did can be repaired.

Would it be a cruel and unusual punishment to force these numbskulls to live without the benefits of gas and oil for the rest of their sorry lives? But that’s what they want to do to the rest of us. Wait till winter comes. That’ll be a million laughs. Cold laughs.

I value great works of art; but we can live without them a lot easier than we can live without oil. Honk if you can’t see that.

Well, this is what we get for encouraging idiots to run wild. Today it’s classic paintings. Maybe tomorrow it’ll be an oil refinery. Saving The Planet is an all-purpose excuse, justifying any crime or overreach.

This has got to stop… before it’s just too late to stop it.

‘Global Warming Hysteria… Again’ (2013)

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Totally imaginary–but still scary!

Gasp! The horror! If all the oceans in the world, all at the same time, were suddenly to release all the heat stored in them, we’d all be fried! It’s true, I tell you! The International Panel on Climate Change says so! Oh, if only the government had more arbitrary power over us–!

Global Warming Hysteria… Again

The fact that there could be no reason for all the oceans to cough up all their heat didn’t faze any of the Climate Wizards of 2013; and they’re still around today, still trying to control your life. And now that their buddies have stolen a U.S. presidential election, they think they’re in the catbird seat. “Boy, will we sock it to the deplorables now!”

How do you get a job making people afraid of impossible things?

Climbit Change Threatens Stupor Bowl!

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Total doom!

(Heard offstage: “If this don’t bring ’em on board for Climate Change, nothin’ will!”)

“Experts” consulted by our free and independent nooze media–in this case, ABC–CNN was busy with impeachment–predict that in another ten years or so, Climate Change will make it impossible to hold the Stupor Bowl in Miami anymore (

Oh, no! Quick–where do we go to sign away our liberties? They were right! We shoulda paid more taxes, shoulda had a bigger government–but oh, no, no! Not our Super Bowl! Is it really too late for us to hand ourselves over into serfdom?

Sorry, folks. The experts say it’s, like, total doom.

Maybe–just a little bitty maybe!–absolute slavery to a global government, and Science, can save us. Worth a try, right?

Give serfdom a chance! It’s the Super Bowl at stake.

What?? ‘Eat the Babies’?

Well, gee, we’ve only got a few months left till the end o’ the world, and all those plans, see, they aren’t fast enough, we can’t wait, even bombing Russia or eating dead people won’t be fast enough–

So…  “We’ve got to eat the babies” to Save The Planet.

This modest proposal was trotted out by a woman wearing a “Save the Planet, Eat the Children” T-shirt at a “town hall” for Congresswoman Alexandria O’Crazy-O Cortez at the Queens Public Library in New York. My wife, not a trusting soul, believes this person was trying to bait Craze into saying something totally stupid. I don’t know. The label on the video says the woman is from a “pro-Trump group” trying to “troll AOC,” but I suppose it’s possible this woman was a genuine fruitcake. Anyway, not even Alexandria O’Crazy-O Cortez is going to say, “Yeah, we gotta eat the babies.” She did say, “fortunately we have more than a few months,” and although we have to “treat the climate crisis with the urgency it presents,” “We are never beyond hope.” AOC shows no sign of suspecting that this kook might not be entirely sincere.

Do you think it’s an altogether good idea for public figures to run around convincing people–especially young people whose minds have been rendered totally defenseless by their, ahem, education–that Doomsday’s just around the corner, holycowwe’reallgonnadie…? Do you think there may be adverse consequences to stampeding people into panic? Like, maybe it’s not such a wise thing to do?

But AOC, Obama, all those twits at the UN, the whole Climbit Change marching and chowder society–by their fruits you shall know them! And if they act like they believe a single word of the sheer crapola that they’re dishing out to us, I’m Spartacus. With their private jet jaunts off to Davos, their stretch limos, their new palaces built three feet off the high tide line–well, boy howdy, if you could harness their hypocrisy, you could replace all the fossil fuels overnight.

Just how crazy do they want their followers to be? And if the needle shoots into the danger zone at the far end of the dial, how do you move it back?

But that’s something that they’ve never thought of.

We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Civics!

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Friday’s “Youth Climate Strike” in America, which was supposed to feature gazillions of kids walking out of high school classes to “protest” Climbit Change Etc., mostly fizzled out; but it was a big Thing in Europe, and you can bet the house they’ll try again next year, if not sooner.

Meanwhile, we have 13-year-olds demanding “immediate action” by “our leaders,” enact the Green New Deal, ’cause “people are dying!” and the world’s gonna end in just 12 years unless Government is given absolute power over everything (

You know what scares me? These children have learned no civics at all, and precious little history. They literally do not know that our law, the Constitution, places strict limits on what any government can do. They do not know that there are limits; and because they have been terrified into believing that Doomsday really is just twelve years away, they are willing to accept a dictatorship that will be strong enough to “stop” Climate Change.

If that doesn’t scare you–well, buckaroo, it should. But it should also make you more than just a little bit irate. Those kids are ignorant and terrified because that’s how the teachers’ unions, the Democrat Party, and Hollywood want them–makes it easier, don’t you know, to manipulate them and get them to obey you. And the schools are doing it on your dime!

If these kids haven’t been set straight by the time they come of voting age–which, of course, Democrats want to lower to 16–there’s going to be the devil to pay.

There are people out there actively working to damage our country, doing it in plain sight with the active assistance and blessing of the Democrat Party. And they need to be stopped. Protect America while it’s still America.