Salvation Army Has Second Thoughts

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Oops! That “all white people are guilty of every bad thing that ever happens” gambit doesn’t seem to have turned out so well for the Salvation Army. (See

Remember, last year, they wanted all white people to “apologize” for being Racists? Remember the compulsory “racial equity training” for all Salvation Army staff? Patty and I had for many years a monthly pledge to the Salvation Army. We took it away. If you think we’re racist biggit haters, why would you want our money?

Well, lots of donors had the same reaction; and the upshot of it is, they’re gonna pull their little pamphlet, “Let’s Talk About Racism” (by “talk” they mean white people must
“apologize” for being white), and call a time-out “for appropriate review” (

I wonder how much money in donations they’ve lost since they went Woke. Get woke, go broke, as the saying goes.

For all those years, the Salvation Army was a force for good in a fallen world.

Now it’s just another pile of neo-racist landfill fodder.

They need to repent, publicly, and beg white people’s forgiveness.

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