Salvation Army Goes… Bad

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Hey, Sunshine! Let’s talk about your racism!

I didn’t want to post this news, and kept putting it off. In a way, it isn’t really “news”–it was first reported back in June, but no one noticed. And it’s been in the works for years, since 2007.

The Salvation Army is going “woke” ( It’s CEO, “General” Brian Peddle, thinks white people should apologize for being white.

[Personal note: If I were to go up to any of my black neighbors and “apologize” for my skin color, which makes me guilty of every bad thing that’s ever been done, they would stare at me as if I were insane.]

A Bible verse springs to mind: [N]either cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you” (Matthew 7:6).

Last year Americans donated $1.8 billion to the Salvation Army; and it was pearls cast before swine. And then the swine attacked us. They took some of that money and used it to organize compulsory “racial equity training” in Critical Race Theory for all its staff and officers. We are not told how much they spent on that.

They also spent donated money to create a “guide” called “Let’s Talk About Racism.” Gee, Starbuck’s did the same stupid thing a few years ago and got laughed off the stage. But the Salvation Army has done it much more quietly.

Now, if the color of my skin makes me automatically guilty, automatically bad, then I guess my money’s bad and guilty, too–why should you want any of it?

Well, you aren’t going to get any. Not from me. My wife and I had a monthly pledge to the Salvation Army. Not any more.

I hate to see the Salvation Army cancel itself as a force for good! They have to repent. They have to clean up their act.

Fire their CEO, let Mr. Peddle go peddle his papers somewhere else. Fire the External Communications Manager, who has the brass to deny they’re doing any CRT at all. Fire anyone and everyone who has had anything to do with turning the Salvation Army into a mob of racist ranters.

Because, folks, we are sick and tired of “woke” and we are waking up to the fact that we have to get rid of it.

Do you want to go down with that ship?

9 comments on “Salvation Army Goes… Bad

  1. When you want to take it and boil it all down to its essence, you would have to say that they are doing battle against Almighty God. He and He alone is responsible for the colors of the skins of human beings, just like the colors and patterns of animals or anything you can name. I for one, have no intention of apologizing for my skin color, eye color, hair color or anything in the world that He has created. If they do not like any of this, let them take it up before the throne of the Almighty and see how they come out. Won’t be good.

  2. If there’s one thing we can learn from history, it’s that people don’t learn from history. Just a few short decades ago people were discriminated by their skin tone and now they are doing the same exact thing.

  3. The law has been against racial discrimination for over 50 years now, which is only right and proper. As Watchman pointed out, CRT is essentially a new twist on discrimination. When I was a child, the word prejudice was commonly used, and in my opinion, it was a good way to describe the problem. There were people that would judge all the people of a group as being the same and would base their estimation of someone on racial or ethnic considerations, instead of learning about the individual; a paltry practice which can be very harmful.

    In the course of my life, I deal with people of many origins and all I can say is that individuals can be very surprising and certainly should not be stereotyped, but that includes me, as well. I endeavor to treat people well and I don’t believe that it is unreasonable to expect to be judged on the basis of my actions and not on the basis of my ethnic origins, which are mostly, thought not entirely, Caucasian.

    I have had coworkers of virtually every ethnicity imaginable and have found that people of all backgrounds respond positively to being treated respectfully and with kindness. Treating others in good faith goes a very long way in resolving differences and experience has demonstrated, time and time again, most differences come down to communication. If one offers respect, that’s is usually all it takes to establish communication and to move things in a positive direction. Jesus taught that we should treat others as we would want to be treated, and I cannot imagine a better, more succinct path to good positive interaction.

    I don’t ask anyone to apologize for their ethnic background and I don’t apologize for mine. One branch of my family tree is very well researched for hundreds of years. I am the direct descendant of both a pilgrim and of a notorious scoundrel. It would be no more appropriate for me to apologize for the actions of the scoundrel in my ancestry than it would be for me to brag about the actions of some heroic figure in my ancestry. Such matters are meaningless in the present. We are all created by God and should treat one another accordingly.

  4. This is so sad to learn for I have always admired the Salvation Army for holding out so long for the Gospel. We not only need Christian Reconstruction in government, education, health care, etc., but also in Christian charities.

  5. Upsetting because I just dropped my change into the bucket as I left Kroger. Well, I guess I’ll keep my change from now on.

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