Kittens Have More Fun in Bed

Be honest, now: don’t you wish you could do stuff like this? We could be crawling under our blankets, pouncing on each other–but do we ever take advantage of the opportunity? *Sigh* You’re only a kitten once, y’know.

5 comments on “Kittens Have More Fun in Bed

  1. Cats and bedding are always an interesting combination. They seem to be fascinated when someone is making a bed. My cat insists on a tour, under the sheets, every night.

  2. The mountain lion videos I’ve told you about, show the same phenomenon. Imagine making a bed with a 100# cat that wants to play with the blankets.

    1. One and the same. I love that Mountain Lion, as do many of his loyal YouTube followers. He’s a Mountain Lion that is completely docile, and as well behaved as any animal I’ve ever seen. He’s as docile as a well trained dog. Perhaps he’s another example of the glimpses we seem to get of the restoration God will provide, and how the animal kingdom will love in peace, bother with other animals, and with humans.

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