‘Now That’s a Mystery!’ (2016)

UAE steals endangered trees from Yemen's Socotra – Middle East Monitor

Even the trees look funny there.

Socotra is an island in the middle of the Arabian Sea, hundreds of miles from the nearest land.

So how did a lot of ultra-primitive stone tools get there? Who brought them? And where did they go?

Now That’s a Mystery!

I’m not trying to sell you any particular version of history. The stone tools have been found on Socotra. Whose were they, and how did they get there? (I’m sure I’d have heard of it if they’d found fossil cavemen, or any other sign of ridiculously ancient human settlement.) How do we account for this?

Or don’t we?


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  1. I sure can’t account for it, and never saw or heard of it before. Rather strange looking terrirory.

  2. The Babel dispersion ad to have been a catastrophe, for many people. They were told to fill the earth, but concentrating at Babel was just irresistible, apparently. The finer details are left out, but from the Table of Nations in Genesis 10, and the account of the actual scrambling of the languages, it may have been that these were divided by family. If you came from a family of builders, you might have fared better than if you came form a family of artists. So, IMHO, the Stone Age relics, were probably from people that were slowly building new civilizations, along family lines, and hadn’t yet developed more advanced technologies.

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