Now That’s a Mystery!

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As you can see by the map, the island of Socotra is in the middle of the ocean, and you can’t go there unless you have a boat, a helicopter, or a small plane.

I am purposely ignoring the dismal and unedifying news of this day, in favor of something that’s not news at all, but really, truly puzzling. I like a good puzzle–don’t you?

In 2008, a Russian scientific expedition discovered Olduwan stone tools on Socotra. “So what?” you say. Well, “Olduwan” refers to the oldest and most primitive stone tools we can find, named after Olduvai Gorge in Africa. They are so primitive that some scientists think they were made not by human beings, but by Australopithecus-type ape-men. Others say no, they’re too advanced for non-humans, they must have been made by this hairy little fellow, Homo habilis.

Okay–let’s agree that Mr. Habilis made those tools.

So how in the world did they wind up on Socotra? Hold on, let me ask that in italics–How in the world did Olduwan tools wind up on Socotra? I mean, like, if you used tools like this to build a boat, you’d better have an awful lot of time to devote to it, and a great fondness for swimming many miles from the nearest land. Or was Mr. Habilis getting there by air?

I don’t know how those tools wound up on an island in the middle of the ocean. Maybe their makers hitched a boat-ride from regular human beings. The Darwinian fairy tale offers no explanation for this–but if you’re into Evolution, anyone out there, go ahead, give it a try. See what kind of far-fetched story you can come up with. I’ll be gentle with you: after all, I used to be one of you myself.

But Olduwan tools in the middle of the ocean? Nah! Go figure!

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  1. Pre-flood. This would be for those who study scripture the most logical summary. Better than ape men. Our family is praying for all our brothers and sisters in Christ! Amen

    1. Well, there are Australopithecus fossils that we must account for, whether they lived before or after the flood. Just like we have to find something to say about dinosaurs.
      There are, of course, scientists who study these things and who are also Creationists. But I don’t happen to have any of them handy this morning.

  2. Makes you wonder how did they got to even more remote islands, like Easter Island. And how did they find an island out in the middle of the pacific?

    1. The Polynesians who settled Easter Island were highly-skilled mariners with reliably seaworthy vessels. Sailors know many ways to detect the presence of an island at a distance.

      What we don’t know is why these settlers went as far out of the way as Easter Island. Trouble at home, would be my guess. Big trouble.

  3. I have heard a theory, that the sea levels have gradually risen over the millennia. I think that makes sense, with a global flood being followed by huge ice caps, which have receded ever since. This also strikes me as a better explanation of the distribution of human population to the Western Hemisphere than the ice bridge notion.

    Frankly, I think that the whole historical narrative is riddled with gaps, such as Egypt’s “Dark Periods”, which are essentially a fudge factor to explain why the timeline doesn’t make sense.

  4. The farthest we can back in history and find the evidence of human life, we always find a civilization has been developed. Noah and his sons were no cavemen. Maybe after the Tower of Babel incident cause some to go to far away places where they degenerated to the level of cavemen.

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